Wednesday, April 18, 2007


I usually work on my book(s) for an hour or so in the mornings, before the day gets going. It's become a special time of day for me. Today I was sitting here as usual when I heard an owl right outside my window.

It called three times, and then another one started singing. Four verses and now silence.

The owl has to do with mystery, magic, omens, silent wisdom, and vision in the night, according to a favorite book of mine, Ted Andrew's Animal Speak. He says the owl brings gifts of clairvoyance and clairaudience.

Both my second and third books, the two I'm working on, feature all of these elements.

Yesterday, I felt drained and in need of replenishment.

This morning's owl song fills me up.


Anonymous said...

I do think he was speaking to you. I've never heard an owl call in the morning. What a peaceful moment. :)

billie said...

When I went downstairs, I was in the bathroom which is on the other side of the house, away from the woods, and another owl called three times.

I had an amazing experience (similar to this but it went much further) with a little eastern kingbird a few years ago. And the ravens/crows for a longer period of time.

I would be more than thrilled if we had a barn owl. Do they actually live inside the barn? I would love that.

Matthew said...

I have always loved listening to owls although I still haven't seen one outside a museum or zoo.

They are everywhere but like to keep well-hidden.

It would be wonderful to find one in our barn someday.

Maybe we need to build them a nesting box. . .

billie said...

I read this morning that a barn owl can do the work of TEN cats wrt rodent control!

Mostly though, I just want to see the owl sitting up on the beam turning its head from side to side. :)

I also read that owls often lay eggs in the crooks of tree branches, and use abandoned nests rather than building their own. So I bet they could find a nook up in the barn that would be suitable as is.

Joni said...

There is nothing like the sound of an owl to awaken something visceral in the human spirit.

At least that is true for me.

What a blessing to hear them. What a portent. YAY!

billie said...

Joni, it was quite wonderful. I wondered if I'd hear another one this morning, as I was outside early, but I didn't. Which makes yesterday's song all the more special. It was a portent.