Thursday, April 05, 2007

cold front

Yesterday the wind blew in, the pressure dropped, and the horses went slightly crazy. They feel the shift in the weather well ahead of changes in temperature, and for most of the day they were alternately skittish and brazen, galloping through the barn aisle at mid-day feed time, spinning wildly at one another in the field, spooking at invisible monsters.

If predictions are accurate, we will be putting blankets on horses at least two nights this weekend.

Last night, after feeding dinner, I was stacking the feed tubs in their usual place when I noticed a toad huddled against the wall, red clay color with grass green markings. The first toad of the season, a welcome guest, because he does a wonderful job of eating flies and other pesky insects. He seemed a bit bewildered though, as if he had come packed and ready to stay, only to realize he was early.

I'm sure he'll burrow back into the dirt and wait for spring to return.


Anonymous said...

He seemed a bit bewildered though, as if he had come packed and ready to stay, only to realize he was early.

I loved that line! How very true. I often think of the animals who get caught by the swings in seasons when it happens.

Matthew said...

It was snowing this morning in NJ.

Can't wait to get home!

shara said...

Billie - stopped by to read, a wonderful way to start my day - am sympathizing with Salina and her arthritis - sun's out for the moment, birds singing, house quiet except for me and my youngest, who's the early riser, wakes up awake as opposed to her bigger sister, who wakes up half-asleep and prone to sighing and slouching around, even at 7, imagine 13...oh I think interesting times are in store. Thank you for the lovely morning read. Hope the toad prince finds a warm spot.

billie said...

Jason, I saw his impression in the barn this morning when I lifted the feed tubs. He must have moved to a warmer spot after I left the barn last night.

Matthew, you'll arrive just in time to hit the cold front on this end! No snow, hopefully, as I don't think I can drag myself back into winter!

Shara, so glad to see you here. :) I think you would appreciate Salina's gracious spirit. May I say, as the mom of a 12-year old, that you are sooo right - interesting times await you! The toad prince! I love that.

apprentice said...

Funny how much we all share -on this side of the pond I too had a toad prince come a calling early, but I found him in the bottom of my compost bag, I we both got a bit of fright!

Love the dogwoods. hope the late frost is kind to them

billie said...

Apprentice, welcome.

It *is* funny how we are separated by an ocean and yet seasonal things still match up. I hope your toad prince is staying warm and that the both of you have recovered from the surprise!

We did indeed have a freeze last night, and the wind is gusting up to 30 mph this morning. The dogwoods may well suffer - which is sad because they were particularly stunning this year.

I worry about the big trees too and their tender new leaves. But I suppose they are for the most part many years older than I am, and perfectly able to withstand a late frost every few years. :)