Wednesday, April 25, 2007


I was going to post this photo, apropos of nothing, just because I liked it.

But then, moments later, I opened a book to this quote:

Ancient power spots, and sacred sites ... are gateways. The real openings lie in our own hearts, minds, and lives.

-Jo May, Fogou

It very much feels like the gate to the barn is the threshold to a different reality.

The window and the stall in the photo used to belong to Salina, who was a true guardian of the space. She kept an almost constant vigil to the driveway and the house. Awhile back it became Cody's stall, and he sometimes comes and looks over the fence into the back yard. This day, it was borrowed by Apache Moon who was awaiting a massage, and his attention to the house charmed me.

I wonder if they look at our windows and ponder what it is we do in here.


Matthew said...

This is just a wonderful photo, with all the lines and frames and Apache just looking so soulfully out the window!

billie said...

Soulful is a good word for it. And pensive. He couldn't see me inside the house, and yet he kept looking for the longest time.

Anonymous said...

The watcher and the watched
Folding the thoughts of the other

billie said...

I was thinking that very thing - the blending of thoughts - when I looked out and saw Apache Moon gazing in.