Tuesday, April 10, 2007

the remains of the (very cold) day(s)

Tender new leaves on many of our trees following the recent hard frost are wilted, shriveled, black. The dogwoods seem to have come through well. The flies, ticks, carpenter bees, and ants have disappeared.

Interesting that even with the unseasonably warm days we had before this late frost, the horses did not shed completely out. Yesterday and today, after the worst of the cold, their shedding has tripled, the barn aisle covered with tiny carpets of chestnut, bay, white mixed with brown, and black.

The toad prince has gone back into his burrow.

It was so loud outside, and now it's gone quiet again.


Anonymous said...

It's like we had a little dream of spring. I tried to ignore the cold front when it came through, but now I forget what the warm nights were like.

Matthew said...

I think new leaves will come in soon for the plants who lost their first batch. Looks like the buds which hadn't opened yet are starting to replace them on some of the hardest-hit plants.

billie said...

Here we had a BIG dream of spring, and woke up to it, even, and then the cold slammed back in.

It will be a wonderful metaphor to see the trees and plants produce a new batch of leaves.