Monday, October 18, 2021

What’s Coming Up In The Garden, 79: axillary goldenrod

 This is a smaller goldenrod that is less likely to spread, can take some shade, and supports many insects and birds, as well as other wildlife. It has a much different look to it than the usual goldenrod species, and I’ve added it to the center of my shady bed along the driveway in hopes that it will get just enough afternoon sun to keep it happy. 

I’ve tried to fill in this bed this fall, as I started it a couple of years ago and then got busy with other spaces. At this point I have:

White wood aster

Common blue wood aster

Wild ginger

Oak leaf hydrangea

Cutleaf coneflower

Axillary goldenrod

There are a couple more things in my staging area that will likely join these plants in the original shade bed, so stay tuned. 



Grey Horse Matters said...

By the time you're done with all this planting you will have a lovely arboretum to enjoy.

billie said...

It’s a very relaxing thing for me to plan and plant, and I love the areas that are mostly finished. It does take some maintenance to keep things from going totally wild - thank goodness for winter when everything mostly goes dormant in these beds, otherwise I would never get caught up with it. :)