Monday, October 18, 2021

More Cutleaf (green-headed) Coneflower!

 I put this in the potager last spring where it gets a fair amount of sun, and it’s done well out there. In a botanical garden course this summer I learned it can tolerate shade, which made me think to try it in the shade bed for something taller and a pop of yellow, and in the bird haven for the same effect and color. 

I’ve put a couple in the shade bed - the ones in the potager are quite large now - and I have four more to go in the bird haven area. If they do well they will prove themselves to be a truly versatile coneflower! 

In addition to the flowers, these have very distinctive and lovely foliage, so lots to enjoy about them.

Butterflies and songbirds, especially the goldfinches, love them.



Grey Horse Matters said...

We have the regular variety of coneflower in lots of our gardens. Haven't seen the cut flower variety here though it's pretty too.

billie said...

I love all the coneflowers! These are a bit unusual so I really wanted them on the farm. The more traditional ones are favorites too.