Friday, October 22, 2021

November Hill farm journal, 140

 We are moving on into autumn here and have (mostly) switched the herd to being out during the day and in at night, though Keil Bay has been asking to do his own version of this and we are letting him create his own custom turn-out this fall season.

He’s doing well, just had his acupuncture and Legend injection with his interim vet and a vet intern. These two are also young women vets who seem to really love their work and they enjoyed meeting him and hearing a few Keil Bay stories. He was a gentleman and was very appreciative of the acupuncture. 

In other news, we have a new hoof trimmer, which is a long story but in a nutshell the previous trimmer exploded at Keil during his trim in September and resigned 5 days later. We need someone who is strong enough to do this hard work, can do it in a time frame so that senior horses and even younger ones are not kept standing for long periods of time, and most of all, we need someone who is cheerful, feels good, enjoys the equines here, and would never explode in a tirade of curse words at any equine, ever. I’d say that is asking for perfection, but honestly, in all the years we’ve lived with equines, I’ve never had any professional behave that way, period, so it was time for someone new.

We had a wonderful trim day with the new trimmer this week and are all very happy to be moved on. It seems none of them were getting trimmed properly, mostly just not enough toe being taken off and a lot of unneeded focus on cutting the sole. Everyone looks great and I’m very happy with how it went.

We’re still working on getting the mountain house up and running. It’s going to take another month or so I think but we’ve made a good start. We’ve met the immediate neighbors and gotten to know them a bit, and are very fortunate that they’re super nice people and eager to be helpful to us in any way they can. We never expected that but how wonderful to find it! Apparently there’s a trail through the new land that is spectacular in the springtime, so we’re aiming for a big walk together when we get through the winter and see the spring bloom up there. 

For now the fall color is in full swing and I’m going to be up there soon to enjoy it. 

I’m happy that I put a moratorium on myself with regards to adding anything else to my calendar this season. I have a couple of therapy workshops and my ongoing writing workshop, and I’m enjoying these things all the more now that I’m not swamped with stuff going on. This isn’t rocket science, as they say, but sometimes I really do behave as if I’m Hermione in Harry Potter, able to be in two places at once, taking care of multiple to do lists. It’s been so nice to slow down and just do things in a more laid-back manner.

I’m going to be writer-in-residence soon, which means a week away to focus on writing, and that too will be delicious and savored this year especially. 

It’s a gorgeous day, with dogwoods changing color, a few other trees coming close to that, and a lovely blue sky. Horses in their pasture, or barnyard, as is the case with Keil Bay, dogs sleeping in the living room, and nothing on my schedule. 

Happy autumn, everyone!


Grey Horse Matters said...

Having nothing on your schedule sounds like a perfect way to relax for a bit. Wish I could say the same. Rode Rosie this morning and then did a lot of weeding. My back is letting me know I should take a break!

I'm glad you found a trimmer who is a good fit. The last one sounds like a nightmare. We once had a farrier who cracked one of our rescues, who had just had an operation on his leg, in the same leg with his file. Because he wouldn't stand still. Needless to say that was his last shoeing for us.

Keil Bay is definitely a character who likes his lady vets as much as they like him. Glad he's doing well.

billie said...

You are riding! I am so happy to read that. I know you have been, but I feel so out of that loop that I’m just thrilled to read that you’re enjoying Rosie in the saddle. Listen to your back re: weeding! ;)

Ugh, re: cracking a horse’s leg with the rasp or any tool, period. Our situation had started deteriorating awhile ago with the previous trimmer, starting last fall when Keil got EPM. A lot of bad advice about what I should do wrt treating the EPM which I ignored and then a lot of negativity while Keil was recuperating, which I just couldn’t tolerate hearing. Trims were taking forever, Redford flat out refused to be trimmed by her, and we were all dreading trim day for a week in advance of it. I had already starting searching for someone new but kept going and then when this incident happened I was scheduling with a new person even before she resigned. It was toxic. Life is too short.

Lol - yes, Keil Bay is such a king and he does love his team of women taking great care of him! :)

Grey Horse Matters said...

She does sound like a toxic know it all. It’s best to go with your gut feelings in these situations. Glad she’s gone.

billie said...

To be fair, it wasn’t like that before this past year. We’ve had two great trimmers and now two not so great ones, so I am hoping the new one makes the good one number go to 3, LOL.