Saturday, October 16, 2021

What’s Coming Up In The Garden, 76: Carolina allspice or sweet shrub

 I’ve put a couple of these in my shady driveway bed, in back to provide a backdrop to the flowering plants up front. They are pollinator plants and have deep maroon flowers that will be a nice thing to see both looking out the windows on that side of the house, as well as driving in and out from the garage. I’m hoping they do well in this shady area that can also get some water when we have a lot of rain.



Grey Horse Matters said...

They're going to look pretty along with the other spice bush.

billie said...

Yes, they’re in different areas but I think each will add some diversity and a nice height layer in both spaces. I had to replace a couple of bayberries that were getting too much water when it rains, and I think the one will work well for that. As always, it’s trying to find what loves the conditions and thrives there, so I’m hoping!