Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Rain mandala

Finally, some rain on November Hill. I put in a rain gauge in the flat upper bed and measured .6 inches on Saturday, .5 inches on Sunday, a trace on Monday, and more yesterday that I need to check.

We need even more but it's nice to have some each day instead of a deluge all at once.

I noticed a batch of huge rusty-colored mushrooms in the back this morning. I'm sure some things are popping up with the ground staying damp for so many days now with not much sunshine.

The birdbath created an interesting mandala when I emptied it yesterday so I took a photo. May we all get the water we need to sustain our needs. I'm thinking too of California and the wildfires and hoping the winds die down, rain falls, and the fires are soon under control. It's been an intense late summer and early fall with hurricanes, earthquakes, and wildfires.


Matthew said...

Yes, we need the rain and California needs it more. I hope they get some relief soon.

billie said...

The sun is out here now! But still chance of rain next several days. I haven't updated about the California wildfires today. It is just awful reading about it.

Grey Horse Matters said...

We had a lot of rain over the three day weekend. It's stopped now though. The grass seems to have turned from brown to green again overnight. The fires in California are awful. Just got an email from my niece who lives right in the path of one fire. She evacuated last night and will keep us updated. The kids are scared because the schools are closed and they had to leave home but better safe.

billie said...

Sending the best to your niece for safety and hope they are home soon - and that their home is safe as well. I can't imagine having to evacuate and I know it has to be terrifying for children especially.