Monday, October 09, 2017

Corgi tales

Baloo is getting so big now, and although he looks like an adult he is still very much a puppy and seems to be going through a teething phase right now as he has been going through the yak milk chews faster and has also had a few chewing mishaps.

In a 3-day period he chewed up my checkbook that cat knocked to the floor, chewed up a paperback novel that fell off the sofa arm (my fault for leaving it there), and in an odd accident, while chewing on the handle to the bottom drawer of a chest of drawers I have in our dining room, learned how to open the drawer.

The first day he just chewed the handle and I sprayed it with a no-chew concoction. That night he opened the drawer and removed everything in it and spread it all over the living room floor. The drawer contains a huge number of intricately braided ropes and lanyards and other things made by my son when he was younger. Some of the patterns of braiding and the knots are works of art, and some are connected to carved wooden handles he also made. I put it all back, used the air can as a firm NO, and hoped that was the end of it.

The second night he opened the drawer and took it all out again. I heard him and sprayed the air can again and put all the stuff back again.

Today, the third day, before leaving the house for awhile, I piled all his chewies and toys and bones in a big pile in the middle of the dining/living rooms and resprayed the concoction on the drawer handle.

When I got home he had opened the drawer yet again, removed all the ropes and handles, and spread them out almost like he was admiring them. They weren't torn up, or chewed, simply spread out all across the floor.

I have removed them all from the drawer now and figure I'll just leave it empty for awhile, but I can't even express how funny it was to see him figure this out and proceed to take all these treasures out three days in a row and lay them out like he had, indeed, discovered his very own treasure.

The expression on Bear's face - I had nothing to do with this - was also priceless!


Grey Horse Matters said...

Baloo sounds like a very smart pup. I’m glad he didn’t chew any of the ropes your son made and only admired them. My dog Ginger would have had them in shreds. She still loves to chew rope toys.

billie said...

We have only had one rope toy here for some reason - and it stays buried in the toy bin - so I'm not sure he knew quite what to make of these things! Thankfully, in this case. :) Last night I slept with the air can just in case and before I fell asleep he tried once to open the drawer. I puffed the air and he stopped. He later tried to de-stuff one of the new dog beds. For that all I had to do was reach for the can. I woke up to a de-stuffed toy but that's his to play with as he likes, so we may be over the hump with this. (Famous last words, and if not, we'll keep working on it!)