Thursday, October 20, 2016

November Hill farm journal, 21

Although we've had a mini heat wave this week, with temperatures in the mid-80s, it looks like fall. The dogwoods are going red, leaves are falling, acorns drop regularly, and I'm seeing peeks of winter grass beginning to come in. 

Meanwhile the chores roll on. Last weekend my husband spent a chunk of time repairing the wall of the barn shelter, which suddenly had two large hoof-sized holes going all the way through it, and a spray of gray Hardiplank fragments out in the paddock. Thankfully Hardiplank is forgiving and has no sharp splinters. I suspect Keil Bay is the culprit, probably kicking the wall instead of kicking the pony, who was likely bugging Keil as he relaxed underneath the shelter.

Now I have to match the paint on the rest of the barn, which may be difficult. Thanks, Keil Bay. 

Meanwhile I completed the painting of the cat tunnel. Now I need to apply tung oil over the milk paint and that chore will be officially checked off my list. Then it's back to the last porch screens and that too will be done.

Sadly it has been too hot to ride, at least for me and for Keil Bay. A final bloom of flies is driving all of us half mad, and with winter coats well on the way to coming in, the horses have been miserable in this heat. I see relief coming tomorrow, and a low on the forecast of 38 for Saturday night. I can't wait to feel that chill in the air!


Grey Horse Matters said...

Nice work Mr. Big Bay! I love when they make more work for us. Like we have nothing better to do. Glad the painting is almost done. One thing off the list. It's been hot here too. In the 80s yesterday. I even turned the air back on. I'm hoping for a cool off too.

billie said...

He didn't seem the least bit sorry! LOL. We seem to be on the same weather pattern - I hope you cool down and have some NICE fall weather. Here too. We need it after this long summer.

Anonymous said...

It's been hot up here in the mountains as well! I also had to kick on the air conditioning mid week. Couldn't believe that it was hotter inside than outside! Thanks for sharing the post. It sounds like the farm keeps you uber busy. Don't they have computers and machines to do this stuff now?? Hahaha.

billie said...

Hi, Stephen! I haven't found an app for these things - will definitely go for the mucking one when it appears in the Apple Store! :)

It seems crazy to have the AC running at this time of year but we have had ours on as well. Here's to some real fall weather, soon!