Friday, October 14, 2016

ADD Friday on November Hill

With apologies to anyone for whom ADD is a serious issue. We're all subject to deficits in attention and focus and in some situations it's actually a strength.

Today I'm not sure what's going on with me, as I tend toward too much attention and I can get really bogged down in minutiae when going about my daily routine.

I got up this morning, did a little reading, did NOT do the review I was supposed to finish, had coffee, read a little more, then suddenly leaped up and mixed milk paint and grabbed a brush to sweep off the cat tunnel as I went.

My plan was to paint the cat tunnel roof in its entirety but once I got out there I ended up doing most of the tunnel along the side of the house before it "steps up" to the higher part that I'll need the big ladder to do.

I only took out the big brush so I ended up doing all but the detail work along the edge of the house. I kept going until I used up the paint I'd mixed.

Initially I thought YES - the 1:1 ratio of French gray to soft white is perfect. Then I wasn't sure. Maybe it was too blue. Then it seemed too white. But I told myself this is the color I'm going with for now and when I repaint in however long it takes to need that I can change the color if I want to. 

When the paint ran out I came in and did some laundry, made Keil's lunch, did a little vacuuming, stopped to clean the washable filter, did a little more vacuuming, stopped to go feed Keil, decided to muck in the field while he ate, then he finished but I was into mucking so I decided to keep going. Then decided to do some raking. Then more mucking. Then more raking. 

Happened to glance at the house and the cat tunnel and whoa! I think it IS perfect. Considered going to mix up more paint and finish it up.

You can see how this is going.

Now I'm in again after giving hay. I'm going to need to keep the laundry going but I'd also like to finish vacuuming. And there's that book review that needs finishing. And more reading. And what about editing?

Kyra Corgi just walked by and the idea popped in my head that she needs a bath.

And I was thinking of a ride. And there's a John Hiatt concert tonight. 

I started thinking with way too much attention on the fact that I'm so scattered. And told myself: just go with the flow. 

That feels right for today. Happy weekend! It's so nice to be getting dry again out there!


Matthew said...

Love the new paint job on the tunnel. And Hiatt's concert.

billie said...

I'll finish it up tomorrow and then this week I can do the tung oil. Got to get the last corner of the front porch done too! Then the front steps. Then a change of pace. :)

Grey Horse Matters said...

I think you're making me dizzy with the whirlwind of activities you've done. Seriously, I get like that sometimes too. I feel like a cat chasing my tail going round and round but it does feel good to get a lot of chores done. Go take a rest.

billie said...

I definitely felt like a whirling dervish on Friday - though the evening was lovely and relaxing, dinner out with husband and then we saw John Hiatt in the auditorium at the elementary school I attended in first - sixth grades. It's been converted into a cultural center and the perfect place to hear music. We had a great time.

Alas, I didn't finish the cat tunnel, much less the last two porch screens! I have a small section of cat tunnel left to go. I hadn't remembered that I'd have to do the underside of it as well so it took a lot longer than I was counting on. But big progress anyway. I'll knock out that last part this week, do the tung oil coat, and then back to the front porch. Whew!