Friday, October 21, 2016

Fall Felines

This afternoon on the back deck there was a flurry of felines as fall blew back in to November Hill. I couldn't resist taking a few photos. This is our oldest kit-meow, Osage, aka Muffine, aka Muffine Eloise. She's one of the original three kittens who came to live with us after we moved in here. Her sister Keats died at age 7 and brother Dickens disappeared last fall. We suspect coyotes. But Mufffine is here and safe now that we've enclosed the back yard, front porch, and connected the two with the tunnel. She's 11 years old.

Here's Pixie, the youngest of our curiosity of cats. Pixie turns four this November. She made it through cytauxzoonosis and although the most petite in size of this crew, she is fierce. I call her Pixie Pie. Certain family members insist her name is Merry. 

Pixie's litter-mate brother Pippin is a lot bigger than she is but she has no problems stalking him and pouncing. The two of them have their sibling issues but they remain bonded and spend a lot of time together.

And here's Pippin. He's pretty huge and a total goofball. Sharpening his claws! 

Mystic made it through cytauxzoonosis AND congestive heart failure. He is 8 years old and the King of stealth. We're happy he's doing so well. 

It's hard to write about these four without mentioning Keats, Dickens, Moomintroll, and River. We miss them a lot and are so grateful for this clamor of cats who keep every day busy and bring so much joy. 


Matthew said...

Just love all these photo and word portraits of the November Hill Felines!

billie said...

They needed their own post yesterday! :)