Monday, October 03, 2016

Homeopathy and feline congestive heart disease

Six months ago the Miraculous Mystical Kit-Meow was in the ICU at NCSU's vet school hospital in congestive heart failure. He went in crisis and was put on a ventilator almost immediately upon arriving and remained on the ventilator for several days. He was discharged after a week. I can't even bring myself to post the couple of photos we took of him in the ICU. He looked to be, and was, near death's door. Once off the ventilator he was weak and would lie down every few steps to rest. He came home on 4 meds for his heart plus an antibiotic for a bacterial infection from the ventilator tube. He was stable but diagnosed with congestive heart disease for which there was no cure. They said he could have six months to two years to live based on what his heart looked like at that time. The meds were to manage the symptoms. 

He had to be taken off two of the heart meds because they made him vomit, but he did really well on the other two and had a good follow-up two months after he was discharged. At that time, though symptoms were managed, the echocardiogram showed increased thickening in the heart wall and his heart was enlarged. They said he would need his medications for the rest of his life and that his lifespan prognosis remained 6 months to 2 years, though they encouraged us to be hopeful.

After that follow up, four months ago, I consulted with our amazing homeopathic vet to see if there were any adjunct treatments he would recommend. We have had excellent results with homeopathic treatment in many of our animal family members (human ones too!) and I hoped there might be something to help Mystic live as long as possible given his condition. He put Mystic on a homeopathic remedy along with the other meds he was taking and Mystic has been doing great. His heart rate has been normal, his activity normal, and he has returned to his usual feisty self. He takes his meds without fuss, even eagerly, and without the blood-thinning meds the vomiting completely disappeared. 

Friday at the vet school they did a scheduled follow up to check his heart, including an echocardiogram and a lot of bloodwork. They brought him out when all was done and were flabbergasted to report that his heart is completely normal now. There is absolutely no evidence of congestive heart disease. The thickness of the muscle and the enlargement are gone. There is no fluid. They suggest we wean him off the Lasix (his kidney values were very slightly elevated - though still in normal range) because there is really no reason for the Lasix at this time - and that we keep him on the Pimobendan to help with a mild refill issue he has due to a congenital heart murmur. They have no explanation for the heart's return to normal and said with reference to the homeopathic treatment: keep doing it. He wasn't happy to head to the vet school but boy was he happy to be home with this wonderful report!

I strongly recommend using a classical homeopathic veterinarian as an adjunct therapy in general. We have had many miraculous tales over the years when we've done so, and I think Mystic's story is the most dramatic yet. 


Matthew said...

Just amazing!

billie said...

Isn't it? I am so happy.

Grey Horse Matters said...

Wow! That's just wonderful news. I'm so happy for you all and for Mystical kitty. It really seems that the homeopathic treatments helped him return to normal. Sometimes I think the alternative treatments are the way to go. He's amazing and so are you.

billie said...

Thank you! We were so excited - I didn't think things had got worse by any measure but I wasn't expecting such a huge reversal of the damage. :)

Portia said...

Congratulations to you, Mystic, all the vets! That is such good news.

billie said...

Portia, thank you - it was definitely the highlight of our week and month and maybe year too. :)