Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Colleen Kelly steps up for Parzival

Last week I saw an article about Parzival and his Olympic rider, Netherland's Adelinde Cornelissen, and her decision to pull Parzival from Olympic competition. The story at that time was that he had suffered an insect bite, had experienced severe swelling and fever, and had then been cleared by veterinarians for competition. But AC decided at the beginning of the ride that he was just not quite right - so she pulled up.  I immediately shared the article and praised her for being a gold medal rider - for doing the right thing for her horse.

Sadly what appeared to be a loving rider and partner standing up for her horse wasn't the entire story. As the drama unfolded photographs from the warm-up just prior to that short Olympic ride began to appear. In the photos Parzival had spur marks, nose pulled into chest, a wild pained eye, and a mouth so foamy white it looked like someone had fed him soap.

I continued reading and learned that AC is the rider who has repeatedly ridden horses in competition with bloody mouths. Her use of rollkur is well established and documented. 

Yes, I still think she did the right thing by stopping the Olympic ride. But to do so after a horse suffered a fever 24 hours earlier and after tacking up and warming up to compete (and the warm-up photos revealed how very hard she pushed him, not to mention the outright abuse he suffered from spurs and hyperflexion) is not the mark of a good rider. I had to post a retraction of my own words!

Since then the story has continued to unfold. Now it is being said that the Olympic veterinary record says he was examined and found to have a hairline fracture of the jaw. This is one of the things that can happen when using rollkur due to extreme hyperflexion of the head and neck. 

Questions began to be asked. Was there ever even an insect bite? A round of responses came out - the hairline fracture story was said to be a vicious rumor. 

I don't know what exactly went on with Parzival. It is clear he has been ridden harshly and with cruel methods for years. That AC rode him hard after either an insect bite or a hairline fracture or both to see what he could do in warm-up before pulling him from competition speaks in my mind to the worst kind of horsemanship. Treating him as a machine instead of a living, sentient being. 

Today, Colleen Kelly posted that she is tapping into her retirement income to personally sue AC for animal cruelty. You can read more here:


Her willingness to stand up for Parzival in what is sure to be a complicated, costly lawsuit is a reminder to us all. When we see cruelty to animals, even in the Olympics, where one would hope the utmost integrity would prevail, we have to stand up and speak out. Colleen Kelly has taken on this fight. Let's all vow to take on the fights for horses we see in our own communities. When we speak up for cruelty to animals, we're shining light on a dark shadow. Whether or not we fix things for that horse, we are educating everyone who sees. And eventually that will make a difference. 


Calm, Forward, Straight said...

I thought maybe the pressure AC got about the bloody mouth dq at the 2010 WEGs figured into her pulling out of her test in Rio. Parzival did look awful. Only the folks in possession of the evidence really know the whole story...

I've caught a good deal of the equestrian events live this Olympics and honestly, I'm very encouraged that the FEI are following their rules better (4 riders dq'd or eliminated for spur and whip violations in showjumping) and the dressage judges seemed to be rewarding lightness and harmony. Time will tell.

billie said...

The photos I saw of her riding Parzival in warm-up didn't speak well of what the stewards were doing nor of how she was riding a horse that 24 hours earlier had swelling and fever. I hope he is going to a happy retirement setting now that the ordeal is over.

Calm, Forward, Straight said...

Me too :D

Grey Horse Matters said...

I haven't had the time to watch one minute of the Olympics but this story is horrible. In my opinion she should be banned from ever riding or owning another horse. What a heartless bitch! There I said it. I only wish there were some way to punish these people for animal cruelty and give them back tenfold for the pain they inflict on innocent animals for their own advancement in a sport they don't belong in.

billie said...

It definitely speaks to how the horses are viewed - as vehicles rather than sentient beings. I think there should be severe consequences for this abuse.

Anonymous said...

I was not privy to the Olympic events involving the gorgeous equines, but i just now came across this article of horrific abuse of this majestic horse. I do not know this Adeline Cornelissen, but I saw photos of her on Parzival. What type of MONSTER causes her senior horse, her “so called buddy”, to live in such pain which she caused. SHE, AC, should face JAIL TIME.