Monday, August 29, 2016

Back to travelogue, the road to Santa Barbara

From Santa Cruz we headed down the Pacific Highway to Santa Barbara. I got a scant few photographs of this lovely drive, but you get the sense of it from the few I took.

Eventually we turned slightly inland and were able to see the many fruit and vegetable farms that in some cases lie very close to the sea. We drove through orange and lemon and grapefruit groves as well. It's amazing how much food is grown in this area.

We had a date with an Apple MacBook Pro in Santa Barbara and I took this shot to remind me where I'd parked. I felt like my brain was in lockdown by that time! It was a long day.

Finally a cocktail when we got to the hotel. 

We were happy to be in Santa Barbara and ready to explore the campus the next day. 


Grey Horse Matters said...

It's all beautiful scenery. But I can see how that much traveling and researching could shut your brain down. Your son is very handsome I'm sure he looks just like you!

billie said...

He looks a lot like my maternal grandfather - I have a little of that but look more like my dad I think. That particular day of driving was wonderful in terms of scenery but just being on the road for a good chunk of the day meant my head was full of road noise. I forgot that at some point we were starving and there was nothing for many miles - we got to a little town and swung in and found a local pizza joint - got a pizza and took it to go! LOL.