Tuesday, August 30, 2016

November Hill farm journal, 17

This morning I spent an hour in the barn with a pocket full of peppermints, a medium-bristled grooming brush, and five handsome equines. 

They were in from night-time turnout, munching hay with the fans blowing. Apache Moon the painted pony and and his best friend and miniature donkey Rafer Johnson had two stalls on the far side of the barn but they were side by side with noses in the manger in one stall, sharing their hay. 

Keil Bay the big Hanoverian and Cody the big Quarter Horse were playing musical stalls between the three open to them, sometimes in one together, other times splitting up, sauntering the barn aisle, and little Redford donkey wandered in and out between them, happy to be with the big boys.

There was a little uproar as peppermints were unwrapped, but once they knew my pockets were empty they returned to eating.

I'm not sure there is anything better than being in the barn with busy munching horses and donkeys and pony. They were all fairly clean but appreciated the brushing. Summer coats are shedding and winter coats are growing in. I'm happy to see it. And to feel it, the cushiony thickness that wasn't there a couple of weeks ago. 

Keil Bay has not gotten enough attention lately and when I put the brush away and headed back to the house he followed me all the way to the gate, standing there waiting, as we have let them in to the back yard many times before but can't now because of the cat fencing. It was hard to leave him there, looking over the fence at me. 

Cool weather is coming, Big Bay, and when it does we'll have a ride. 


Grey Horse Matters said...

I love hearing them munching and watching the herd get along. I'm always surprised when they are loose and find it more interesting to follow me and supervise what I'm doing around the farm. I love having well-behaved happy horses and I'm sure you do too. Can't wait for the cooler weather and hopefully start to ride again. Sounds like the Big Bay is waiting for you to take him out for a spin.

billie said...

Yes yes yes re: cooler weather. I'm looking forward to getting back to riding.

Matthew said...

So nice that fall is starting to make its way to November Hill.

It's definitely barn weather and horse weather!

billie said...

K and I saw the first geese migrating yesterday!