Monday, August 22, 2016

November Hill farm journal, 16

The air was cool this morning, in a sharpish way that speaks of autumn, and when Redford donkey came up to get a good scratch my fingers dug in deep to new winter fur already starting to grow in.

A few leaves are beginning to fall, early birds for what is still to come. 

The arena needs harrowing and I'm reminded that soon the weeds growing there will die back and the chores to keep the arena tidy will shift to acorn raking and then leaf removal.

We are in a week where the heat recedes and weather is clear, a good time for catching up on weed-eating and mucking fields and getting on with projects that require dry weather. 

The horses seem in good spirits. They know the season of sweat and flies is nearing its end. We'll all be happy to move into fall. 


Grey Horse Matters said...

Today was the first day with cooler temps here too. I've noticed a few leaves falling too. I can't wait for Autumn this has been a hellish summer.

billie said...

58 tonight! I'm excited to wake up and feel the "chill." :)