Tuesday, April 28, 2015


And as lovely as it was to have time away to write (I finished the first draft!) it was even more lovely to get back home again. 

Bear and Kyra Corgis followed me every step all day on Monday, as soon as the donkeys heard my voice they took up braying and calling to me, Keil Bay was a bit distant (as he usually is when I first return) but a belated birthday celebration soon lured him back to his regular self. He is now 26 and the pony is 15! 

Pixie Pie (kit-meow) ran up and down trees she was so excited. 

Once I get back home again I wonder how I ever managed to be away. 


Grey Horse Matters said...

A belated Happy Birthday wish to Keil Bay and the pony! Hope there's many more happy healthy years to enjoy riding and spoiling them.

It's nice to go away but even nicer to come home. Seems like everyone missed you and were very happy to see you return.

billie said...

Thanks, A - I forgot to say that Keil Bay forgave me completely when the chiro drove up yesterday morning and he got his adjustment. :) He's a happy camper.

Matthew said...

So glad!

billie said...

I bet!!