Saturday, April 18, 2015

writing time

I arrived Friday at Weymouth for 10 days during which I plan to finish the novel I started at the beginning of March - the first, rough draft of it, anyway. 

It's spring in full force here with dogwoods blooming and azaleas too, and the big old house is just as magical as it always is. The stables have been empty the past two visits but there are horses here again and all afternoon into the early evening the sounds of whinnies came up through the open veranda door. It feels like home.

This is a photo of the huge photo montage that is in the "hunt room" - the Boyds, who originally built and lived in Weymouth, were huge foxhunting people, and the hunt room is a tribute to that part of their lives here. Even as recently as February of this year, the Moore County Hounds set forth from Weymouth grounds on one of their hunts. It's a wonderful tradtition and why it's so nice to hear the whinnies again.


Grey Horse Matters said...

Have a creative time while you're there! I liked the hunt room.

billie said...

Thank you! I'm writing 6k words a day and doing some associated reading as well and it is heavenly to have the time and space to do that here.

I'll show some more of the hunt room tomorrow and Friday. :)