Friday, May 01, 2015


Today's the day I am supposed to get back to work on book stuff, and back in the saddle, but it has been raining most of the night and all morning and is now once again pouring down at a steady rate.

Good for book stuff, not so good for riding!

I think I might make a cup of tea and listen to the rain and get rolling with my book to do list. 

And hope the horses and the donkeys aren't too grumpy when hay and stall-cleaning time rolls around!

This kind of day makes me long for an indoor arena.


Grey Horse Matters said...

Sometimes rain is good. I always think it's nature's way of saying "relax and stay indoors to get things done."

billie said...

It's true! And that's what I'm doing! :)

Matthew said...

"here comes the sun" though!

billie said...

And 80 degree days all week!