Friday, April 24, 2015

more hunt room, word count report

I'm at 70k today and it's only 10:35 a.m.!

And I found out that the woman renting the stables on the grounds here is someone I know, so I'm looking forward to a barn tour before I leave.

I wandered down to the hunt room this morning and thought I'd post another couple of photos:

This is the same hunt my daughter has ridden with over the past few years. I have stood and watched riders and hounds leave the fixtures and except for the newer style helmets, the scene could have been any year since 1914. The 100-year anniversary of the Moore County Hunt Club last year was quite an accomplishment. 

I'm here until Monday and then I will be home again, just in time for the sun to come back out and hopefully I can get right back to riding the Big Bay. 


Grey Horse Matters said...

Good for you writing so much!

The hunt really is historical. No wonder they have a room dedicated to the people who lived there.

Have a nice tour of the stables. Pictures would be nice too. I'm sure they're very interesting if they've kept them original. I love old barns.

billie said...

It's the original stables where the Boyds kept their horses - very very neat old barn. :)