Friday, February 13, 2015

when it's cold outside even the fluffy Corgi stays in

Yesterday I went out to the barn mid-day to get ready for hoof trims. I had to take my jacket off because I was sweating! Twenty hooves later, I was bundled up tight. The sun was gone, the sky overtaken by clouds, and the wind was blowing hard. Just as the trimmer left a flurry of snowflakes began to fall. Crazy weather here on November Hill.

Today it's sunny but very cold. I removed thick ice from water troughs this morning and again near noon.

Thankfully the wind has quieted but it is too cold out to do anything except count the chores and the minutes until you can come back inside.

And one of us isn't even counting. He's on the sofa on fleece by the woodstove! The Life of Bear. 


Calm, Forward, Straight said...

All I can say is - ugh.

I can handle the cold pretty well, but when you factor in the wind - up to 50 mph lately...

Jealous of the woodstove :D

billie said...

We love the woodstove. Not looking forward to this next week of weather. Stay warm.

Grey Horse Matters said...

Bear may just be smarter than all of us! He's got the perfect spot and the right attitude. Hope you warm up soon. We were at 2 degrees this morning and may be looking at more snow yet again. This is getting old really fast.

billie said...

A, I know you have to be ready for spring. I would love to read a blog post from you chronicling how you manage your horses in cold and snow that seems to just keep on coming. I always wonder - how do folks who live in parts of the country with heavy snow and extreme cold DO it when it comes to horse care?

We are in for several nights in low teens with a few days not getting above freezing. There was snow in the forecast but I see this morning they have taken that out. The worst thing here right now is that the mud from all the rain is frozen into hard poky hunks and walking on it is awful. I've been bringing the horses in at night so they get a break from the jagged hard ground.