Tuesday, February 10, 2015


That about sums up my day today. 

But I can reframe it like this:


Tooth fixed!



ee cummings poetry.

It's all in how you name the thing. 


Grey Horse Matters said...

Attitude is everything!

Now I'll have to try and look at the good side of : eye exam, taking Maggie to vet for a urinary tract infection,cleaning up the rugs where she couldn't help it while I was at said eye exam, breaking up ice on front stoop....

billie said...

Some things are harder than others!

Hope all is well with eyes and urinary tracts. :)

Grey Horse Matters said...

She's doing much better on her meds. I can still see fine for an old lady.😳 which is good news at my age.

billie said...

Well, there you go! You reframed beautifully and I'm glad things are going well. I have to say getting to the old lady stage of life and being able to sometimes pick and choose what we see/hear can be a very nice thing. :)