Saturday, March 12, 2011

mirror, diamond, donkey, crow

Last week I was walking in the front field when something shiny caught my eye. It was a diamond-shaped shard of mirror. I picked it up, intrigued with the diamond shape as well as the mirror itself, which didn't appear to have been buried, but was so clean it looked like it had been dropped from the sky. I immediately thought it might have been a crow's special treasure. I picked it up and brought it inside, and it's been sitting on my desk ever since.

Today, I took it out to take a photo in daylight, and not only is it a treasure, it's a magical little mirror. Click on the photo and see what is inside!

Sometime later last week I was out buying beet pulp shreds and noticed this little smiling donkey. I decided he wanted to come join my sandplay miniature collection, so he hopped in the cart and ended up coming home with me. But instead of taking him upstairs to my sandplay garret, he too ended up on my desk.

Here he is outside looking at the herd:

At some point after arriving on my desk, which is very crowded and necessitates my constantly shifting things to make room for other things, the donkey ended up by the diamond mirror, looking something like this:

I became mesmerized by the little smiling donkey gazing into the diamond mirror. So I left them on my desk that way for several days, just letting the two things lend their magic to my workspace, and to my daily life.

At some point I decided to do a little research into the symbolism of the diamond shape. I found that the diamond shape appears in every culture, and generally represents clarity, ascension, and wisdom - of a kind that transcends everyday life.

The diamond shape also represents breakthrough and enlightenment, as well as awakening, epiphany, new beginnings, and connections to the mystical.

In alchemy the diamond shape symbolizes creativity that is expressed via the four elements: fire, air, earth, and water, and how funneling creativity through these four elements leads us to our true creative purpose.

In Native American culture, the diamond shape symbolizes wind, and is considered a protective emblem which represents life. The four sides represent unity, freedom, eternity and balance.

If you combine this diamond shape symbolism with that of the mirror, you get all of that plus reflection, illumination, and again, enlightenment.

The donkey symbolizes versatility, intelligence, determination, stubbornness, spiritual dedication, undying faith in the creative force,  and the willingness to take on the responsibilities and burdens of others.

A lot to think about and absorb, which is why I let these two sit together on my desk for several days. Each time I looked at them I felt rejuvenated and inspired.

So today, I had a little time and wanted to photograph these two. I put them on my windowsill thinking the morning sun might be enough light to get a good picture. It wasn't, so I left them there and turned back to my desk to do something else. Within a few minutes I heard an unusual bird song, one I have never heard before today. It repeated several times.  I looked out the window and there was a big black crow, walking in circles right outside my window, arching his neck as he made the first three notes of song, and then lifting his beak into the air for the last plaintive note. 

I wondered if the crow had seen the diamond mirror and come to let me know it had once belonged to him.

I'll probably never know if that crow dropped the mirror in our front field, and I won't know if he spotted it in my window and came to reclaim it. But I do know all of these things - the sequence of finding them and their finding one another - are a gift. The diamond, the mirror, the donkey, and today, the crow. 

What has popped into your life in an unexpected but wonderful way this week? I think we all have encounters with symbols and synchronicities and if we stop and make time for them, they have a lot to say.


Calm, Forward, Straight said...

I'll be on the lookout - thanks for the reminder! Love the mirror photo :)

Grey Horse Matters said...

You always find some special meaning in everyday things. What a wonderful way you have of looking at things. I'm afraid I'm not very astute at seeing the deeper meanings of things.

I can say that this week I felt very good while spending time with my grandchildren. They were sick but I lent a hand to make them feel better and attending a kindergarten concert was lovely. Not very mystical but it's the little things like that in my life that give me a good feeling.

Matthew said...

I love this story and these pictures.

Máire said...

That's great Billie. I will look for synchronicity this week. I can be too busy to spot it, but yesterday I was reading my journal and read about a dream I had shortly after deciding to have Ben go barefoot. I dreamt of a mountain lion crossing my path. Later I flicked through native indian medicine cards and the mountain lion card fell out. For some reason I needed to remember that dream again.

Jessica Keener said...

Oh my goodness, Billie, this whole sequence of discovery is absolutely gorgeous and magical. I am full of chills. Thank you for this.


ponymaid said...

billie, what a beautiful post. Today the Woman was refurbishing Doc's stall and she let me in to supervise. There was great comfort in being in his space. She also put some scented powder in the bedding as Sally has a tendency to use it as her private bathroom. I rolled over and over and discovered I enjoy having a light floral scent on my person. I'm quite suprised.

billie said...

C, once you start looking I think you'll be surprised just how many things you will see. :)

billie said...

Arlene, I think your time with your grandchildren is rewarding and symbolic in its own wonderful way!

If you want to see these little things in a deeper way though, just remind yourself of that each morning when you wake up. It's like reminding yourself before going to bed that you want to remember your dreams. The unconscious will often help us if we ask directly!

billie said...

Thanks, Matthew. I had fun with the photos. When Little Man appeared in the mirror, I knew it was magic!

billie said...

Maire, thank you, and what an elegant example of synchronicity you had with the mountain lion card! I love when things line up for us to point out what we need to look at.

billie said...

Jessica, thanks for stopping by - I knew this one would resonate with you.

billie said...

Thank you, Sheaffer! I'm glad The Woman allowed you to supervise Doc's stall - I am sure she needed you in there to help AND what a discovery with the scented powder!

I wonder if there might be a market for scented donkey dust? I am always amazed at how Rafer and Redford keep their coats so well-cared for utilizing their very well-maintained dust circles.

Donkeys are naturally "green." No wasting of water!!

Carolyn Burns Bass said...

This is a story full of wonder. I just got back from Thailand where I saw designs on Thai temples made of thousands of tiny diamond shaped mirrors reflecting the outside world. Wish I had known this symbolism before I went, but knowing it now as I process this amazing trip gives everything a new perspective. Thank you, Billie.

billie said...

Carolyn, that must have been an incredible trip - I think you will be processing it for weeks, which seems fitting. All those mirrors!