Thursday, March 10, 2011

the complexities of a busy, crazy week

I have had a blog post on my mind for about a week now, but it requires my camera (which is upstairs and not at hand when I think about posting), daylight (which is now waning due to thunder-stormy day), and time (which I feel like I haven't had much of all week).

So, I'm here to report that something more interesting is en route, but I'm not sure when.

Meanwhile we've had hooves trimmed, lots of chauffeur work, several big rains, some big wind (one spell that made me stop what I was doing to run to the barn and secure things), and a Corgi boy who chewed up the same person's wallet and credit cards that he did last time.

He also steals things like pens and bowls and rolls of toilet paper and muck boots. (which is why I've been online trying to find a pair of Bogs in my size, in the color/print I actually WANT, and since I have not yet succeeded I am wearing my paddock boots to do chores in and have to clean them daily b/c of all the MUD!)

You can see how this week is being.

Not bad, exactly. Just more complicated than usual.

How can it be Thursday already?


Calm, Forward, Straight said...

That "same person" must be a patient and forgiving soul ;) Hope your weekend brings a return to simplicity!

billie said...

Patient is not applicable, but forgiving fits. :) There was some swearing going on when the deed was discovered. LOL.

Grey Horse Matters said...

Some weeks just fly by when you're having so much fun at home! Hope your weekend is more peaceful.

billie said...

Arlene, hope the ice is melted away. We got a huge amount of rain last night and today so now it looks like a cranberry bog out there. (with no cranberries)