Thursday, March 24, 2011

springtime and horses and chores

I spent some time yesterday raking out a number of compost piles in the front field. The horses have rotated to the back full time now and while the front field rests I'm getting all the compost mounds spread out, doing some fire ant patrol, and hopefully cleaning up some branches that need trimming and clearing. I also need to rake up the sweetgum balls and the pine cones! I do a few swipes a day and am making slow progress with that method.

We had a big rain last night after several very warm windy days during which our county was on a wildfire alert - and I just had a weather alert pop up as I am typing this saying that tonight we are having a frost alert! It is never dull here when it comes to weather changing suddenly.

This morning it is beautiful. Everything is clean and sparkling, and I've already done muck duty so can now go back out and finish my compost spreading. The grass grew overnight - it always amazes me when we get a rain this time of year and the grass literally shoots up behind it.

I went through the back field earlier this morning, cleaning it up a bit as the herd finished breakfast and came out to have hay. There wasn't much mucking to be done back there as they were in last night due to the rain, but before they came in, they must have had a big party with the jumps. Every jump was knocked down, the trot poles were all askew, the flowers on my jump standards were torn apart, and the pinwheels were tipped down.

Everything is back in place now.

The carpenter bees have notched down their wild kamikazi flying a bit and there are increasing numbers of butterflies wafting by.

On a different note, I am seeing flies, and the pines are beginning to shed pollen, which means water trough duty is going to get more rigorous again. It's time to start tick check too.

I wrote on Facebook this morning that as much as I love the rhythm and routine of seasonal farm chores, rotating the horses and donkeys, and working on the pastures, I must have been a farmer in a past life. A friend noted that she thinks I'm one in THIS life, which made me laugh.

When I get one of those cute little blue tractors with all the attachments and a three-bay shed to park it all in, I'll officially declare myself a farmer. Meanwhile I'm just channeling some farmer energy a few hours a day.


Calm, Forward, Straight said...

If I ever end up tying the knot, I'm registering at John Deere and Kubota! ;)

ponymaid said...

billie, you live in another world. We had a snow storm yesterday and the temperature is back skulking below zero. I'm staring at the grass but so far no growth has ensued. If you get one of those blue tractors, you will have all the donkey supervision you can handle. We love those almost as much as jumps...

Grey Horse Matters said...

Sounds like the farm is definitely settling into the warmer weather. Which means more work. I'd be happy to get started on it if only... at least the snow melted from last night.

I checked out lots of tractors before we bought and I wanted the little blue one too but the Kubota's have the best rating. So far (except for the workers rolling it we've had no trouble at all. Did I just jinx myself?

Máire said...

Lots of chores: our grass is barely starting to grow yet. I would like a little tractor though.

billie said...

C, get an engagement tractor instead of ring and then register at the equivalent of "barns r us" - :)

billie said...

Sheaffer, I can only imagine the assistance I would get from the donkey boys with tractoring!

I think of you every day and send a little ray of warm weather to the Great White North.

billie said...

Arlene, I hope you did not jinx yourself! I remember the post about the tractor woes - and appreciate the info about ratings. I think a cherry red wouldn't be too bad either.

billie said...

Maire, it's funny about women and horses and trucks and trailers and tractors. I hope you get more rides like the one you wrote about on your blog today - lovely!