Sunday, March 06, 2011

signs that might be omens

As usual, writing group weekend kickstarted me into high gear and I'm thrilled to report that I am close to getting my next adult novel, Signs That Might Be Omens, up on Amazon.

Although not part of a series per se, Signs is the second book in what I think of as the "Claire Quartet."

In claire-obscure, we meet Claire in her early twenties, during one very difficult and life-changing year. In Signs, time has moved forward 20 years, Claire is in her early forties, and we discover that there are two sides to every story, synchronicities connect people whether they know it or not, and horses can and do play a pivotal role in the resolution of old trauma and the shift into schwung.

In my mind I have always visioned four novels when I think of the character Claire. In addition to the two I have already written, I suspect there is a novel that looks at Claire's childhood, probably from her eyes, although I recently realized there might be a neighbor who tells that story, giving us yet another perspective on her life. A view from the outside in, perhaps.

And there is another one not yet written that I jokingly think of as the AARP Claire novel. Which is misleading, since I also think this one might also be subtitled: Claire Hits Middle Age and Goes High Speed, Low Drag.

She's the kind of late blooming woman I suspect might find her fire late in life. We will see.

Right now, it's Sunday afternoon and I am perched on my bed with laptop continuing the writing weekend as it rains, gusts, and goes light and then dark and then light again outside my window. 


Grey Horse Matters said...

I'm sure all your ideas about Claire with flush out and become great reads. Great way to spend a miserable rainy day. We have the same thing going on here, the good news is the snow is finally getting washed away.

Calm, Forward, Straight said...

Sounds delightful billie - both the novel ideas and how to spend a stormy afternoon :)

Máire said...

I love to hear about your writing weekends. I do admire how you nourish your creativity.