Saturday, March 05, 2011

more weekend

Salina got her massage yesterday and although fidgety initially, she soon relaxed into the bodywork. At one point she leaned her head and neck into me, letting me hold her a bit as the massage was being done on the opposite side. Salina is a grand and wise mare, but she is very rarely affectionate or "snuggly." Her connection with humans and with me is almost telepathic. It's very strong and very obvious, but it isn't physical. So I was touched and honored to bear the weight of her head for a little while as she got her muscles worked.

I also realized that she is able to "close her eye" on the side where her eye was removed. I've always been intrigued with the muscles that remain in the healed over socket. You can easily see the blinking motion. But for some reason I had never noted before that not only can she blink, she can close that "eye." I watched carefully and as she relaxed and the massage went deeper, she did indeed close both eyes. Amazing.

As the day moved on daughter had two more beautiful rides on the pony and Cody. You might notice that I haven't posted about beautiful rides on the Big Bay... that is because last Sunday I fell backwards down the stairs and landed flat on my tailbone. Arnica, a softgel ice pack, and pure stubbornness minimized the damage, but I am trying to let things heal before riding.

And living vicariously through my daughter, who took Cody over a little jump course yesterday and reported he did very well. I asked her to give the pony a break from jumping since she's doing it bareback, and I saw his work in the arena - very lovely and willing.

As the sun began to set yesterday evening, I felt a rise in the energy on the farm and went looking for what was going on. All three geldings were doing huge, fancy trots up and down the paddock. Cody lifted his tail straight up and went into a big, collected trot that was so gorgeous it took my breath away. Sometimes when he moves like this, I have to wonder if he really is a QH at all - even though I have the papers in my files. And with his PSSM issues it's all the more beautiful when he uses his body so perfectly.

To see the geldings, three sizes ranging from 13.2 - 16.2, in three different colors, red bay, chestnut, and painted, doing these gorgeous trots up and down was pure heaven. And the absolute best way to move into a weekend of writing and planning and yes, creating and celebrating forward motion in my work.


Grey Horse Matters said...

Salina is a special mare and I'm happy she was affectionate with you yesterday. She must have been so relaxed and trusting of you. Dusty is not affectionate at all and I wouldn't say we have a telepathic connection either. Most times I can tell what she's thinking and usually it's not good for me. The only times she's tolerant or nice is when she knows I have treats!

How nice that your daughter has been getting to ride. It does sound like she and her horses are having a wonderful and productive time together.

Sorry to hear about your fall. Tailbone injuries are painful, feel better soon. And have a wonderful writing weekend with lots of forward motion.

billie said...

Arlene, you made me laugh with the comment "I can tell what she's thinking and usually it's not good for me."

Salina almost seems too occupied with keeping her eye on everything to slow down enough mentally to consider affection. It often feels to me like she is "holding the energy" for the entire farm - which is a huge job and given that she is already dealing with age and arthritis I wonder at her ability to do it so well.

And I also think at times that she has taken up residence in this role as a way of rising above her physical challenges. Holding the energy for all of us here probably keeps her mind off her own discomfort and need to move slowly.

I do know that she takes some of the burden off me in keeping "my eyes open" to everything going on - and although that is not affectionate in a physical, overt way, it's an incredible gift that I feel in every single moment of every day. It's hard to describe in words, but she operates as almost a force of spirit here. It's quite incredible when I stop to think about it and try to explain it to others.

Calm, Forward, Straight said...

So sorry to hear about your fall billie - I wish you a speedy recovery and a productive writing weekend.

Love reading about the goings on at your farm - thanks for sharing :)

Shinyfluff said...

sounds amazing! sorry to hear about your back though....wishing you well : )
those trots sound breathtaking

billie said...

c, it's not that bad. I will be riding again this week I'm sure.

billie said...

shinyfluff, I wish I had video!!

ponymaid said...

billie, you may have mistaken the stairs for a toboggan hill - understandable given the winter we've had. I trust you are feeling less battered? Jack has much the same approach as Salina - caretaker and watcher over all. It strikes me as exhausting but seems to be something they must do. Does it come with age or is it already set in their natures?

billie said...

Sheaffer, thank you for checking in - I am pretty much recovered. I know I need a chiro visit and a massage but otherwise, able to do everything I normally do in a day!

Jack does sound like Salina. Can you imagine the two of them together? They would run the world.