Friday, February 25, 2011

wind and rain and pondering gardens

We've had a lovely week, although most days have been a little windy. The spring fever has continued, although I abandoned the urge to clear closets and went instead to the arena, thinking I might get it spruced up. The thought of potted flowers sitting on dressage markers fueled me for a while, but then suddenly the back field, now off limits to the equines, called.

I spent about 45 minutes setting up 5 jumps and a row of cavaletti. I put flowers on one jump, white buckets on another, and stuck pinwheels into my compost piles. It was a lot of fun. My daughter rode Cody back there to let him check everything out, and then the pony asked to go back as well when it was his turn to ride. Keil Bay left a full hay net in his stall to go back, and although I thought he might get excited and do a little running around, he was more interested in the subtle greening that is occurring across the ground of the entire property.

We're definitely moving from the bark-chewing dead of winter into early spring. The horses are no longer tempted by trees, but are constantly roaming the fields nibbling at the emerging shoots of grass. Just in the past two days when I look out the window, I'm seeing green instead of brown and tan.

Today we have warm weather, but instead of sunshine we're getting wind and rain. We can use the rain after this time of drying out. Horses will likely be hanging out in the barn and paddocks today, munching hay and watching. Although at 70 degrees I won't close off the front field. If they want to head out and nibble, they can.

It's a good day for me to work on planting seeds. Of all kinds. Vegetables, flowers, herbs, and also seeds for other things: ideas and books, dreams and wishes. If I could sketch right here on the blog, you'd see this:

A garden bed sprouting books, little loads of stone and screenings and sand, hand-knitted ponchos in jeweled colors, notes for songs I could suddenly read and play on the keyboard in the corner of our living room, hand-thrown plates and bowls and mugs, and plants full of little buds holding things like time, the kairos kind, that bloom only one bud a day, for the entire year, so that every single day is one very special flowering gift of between time, in which something magical and special happens.


When I went out to the barn the sun came out. Completely. I'm not sure what happened to the forecast, but after the perfect rain, in which the ground got a good soak but not enough to make mud, the sun has come out, the wind is blowing, and there is indeed a light sheen of green across the fields.

I discovered as I walked down the front hill that the horses and donkeys are sleeping right outside my bedroom windows, which makes me very happy. That's today's kairos bud opening into bloom.


Grey Horse Matters said...

It does sound like your place is sprouting with the new season.
Setting up jumps and pinwheels, organizing seeds and having 70 degree temps it's no wonder you've got a touch of spring fever. Lovely thoughts in your last paragraph.

I'd love to see something besides white. We're still under snow, maybe the rain today will take some of it down. I'm afraid the feeling of spring has yet to invade our landscape or our senses.

Shinyfluff said...

: )

Calm, Forward, Straight said...

Sharing in the good weather fortune with you billie - feeling really grateful. And not wanting to seem like bragging when I post about it :)

billie said...

Arlene, it's interesting to me that with the internet and such instant communication we can all share our different experiences of the seasons in a way that wasn't previously possible.

Being further north, you all are of course on a different timetable with weather - I hope spring comes at exactly the right time for you and your family and herd.

billie said...

Shinyfluff, thank you for the big smile. :)

billie said...

C, glad you're sharing in this weather. I hadn't even thought of posting about the weather, which of course we have no control over, as bragging! For me, it's simply writing and celebrating what I'm experiencing as the season shifts.

Hopefully those who live in colder climates with longer winters can hang on until spring comes to them as well.

In July the tables turn, so I'm celebrating the warmth that comes without flies, ticks, fleas, fire ants, and smothering heat and humidity while I can. :)

ponymaid said...

billie, ahhhh, the greenery of it all! Molly and I are resigned to stripping fences and trees until we see our first shade of pale green. And by the way, that McNasty spray stuff doesn't taste half bad...

billie said...

Sheaffer, there were FLIES out today! That is what happens here when we go above 65 degrees for several days in a row.

I am shocked you tasted that McNasty spray - and find it half-palatable!

Although once we used bitter apple spray to deter Corgi teeth and discovered them licking it like candy.

I suppose it serves us right - we humans trying to thwart the natural tendencies of dogs and donkeys. :)

jme said...

wow, spring comes early there for you. we've still got a stinking foot of snow here, but i'm thinking i'll have to start making my 'to do' list now. if you're able to get started, we can't be toooo far behind, and i can't wait to get going again!

Máire said...

We have those tempting green shoots here too. I love your garden.

billie said...

j, not always this early - last year we had snow in march. but ... it does appear we are having an early spring. i think everyone here is ready for it.

billie said...

Maire - thank you! I could have gone on and on - and turned that garden into a huge farm. :)