Saturday, February 19, 2011

we have a birthday today!

And later I will get a birthday portrait. But for now, let me wish the happiest of birthdays to Redford Donkey.

He is three years old! And spent yesterday evening chasing a very wild Bear Corgi all over the front field. Which gives you an idea of the personality of young Redford. What do you do when a wild at heart young herding dog escapes and runs huge circles in your territory?

You herd HIM, of course!

I was most impressed that Redford, although indicating clearly that he was in charge, and that this wild running of circles was not acceptable, did not in fact go at Bear with the intention of stomping him to death.

Keil Bay looked on with amusement and the pony headed out to take up the call of duty should Redford need back-up.

It was probably good we'd had a day so warm every equine had white butt cheeks by 3 p.m.! They indeed came in to the barn for cool wet hay and fans. So were not quite in the mood to go into wild herd antics over a Little Bear. (actually now grown into a Big Bear)

Happy Birthday, dear Redford! We know our farm is safe with you in charge. (and we are glad you have that 750 lb. pony backing you up!)


Victoria Cummings said...

Three years old already - time flies -Happy Birthday to the charming Mr. Redford! I am so ready to follow your fantasy to the beach with my horses at my side. Enjoy the warm weather. We hit 60 yesterday, but the wind has whipped up and it's snowing right now - insane! And tonight, the blankets go back on because it's going down to 17. Yeesh!

Jane said...

Happy Birthday to Redford!
I love a good donkey tale. :)

billie said...

It's quite amazing to us that he is already 3!

This year's birthdays are going to be more amazement.

We have Cody turning 8, Salina turning 28, the pony turning 11, Keil Bay turning 22, and Rafer turning 4.

Kyra Corgi was 11 in January, and the felines are summer/fall birthdays.

Can't believe your weather, V. That is truly crazy. (we can relate, but thankfully are not there ourselves right now!)

billie said...

Thanks, Jane!!

Calm, Forward, Straight said...

Happy birthday Mr. Redford! As a three year old, you should well be asserting your status over a mere puppy :)

billie - I know of a small boarding operation located at the beach ;)

Enjoy the beautiful weekend - we plan to!

billie said...

C, I am afraid we would overwhelm that boarding situation if we traveled en masse, but perhaps a few of us at a time might work... :)

It is truly beautiful today. Not quite so warm as yesterday but still very comfortable and nice. I see a sleeping mare, donkey, and QH out my window right now. The other three are grazing hay.

ponymaid said...

billie, a very happy birthday to young Mr. Redford! He seems to be channeling Old Jack with his herding and management skills. I hope he marked the day with a series of soothing dust baths. Did he have a special dinner? With Stud Muffins, perhaps?

Grey Horse Matters said...

Happy Birthday little guy. 3 already! It seems like such a short time ago he came to live at his forever home.

Sounds like he had loads of fun on his birthday with the little Bear. They must have been amusing to watch. And it's always good to have a pony for extra protection from a ferocious Bear.

billie said...

Sheaffer, you will think me terrible but we have never actually had Stud Muffins here!

I have made my own version of them, and they go over well. Redford spent his day enjoying 60s temps, dust baths galore, and a nice wind to keep things interesting...!

billie said...

Arlene, they are hilarious. Bear is too funny - he loves being chased but I think mainly he just loves to run in the big areas of the farm. Eventually we will put woven wire on the outside of the perimeter fencing so that the dogs can be out in the bigger property.

Kyle said...

Happy birthday, Rafer! May you have many green and amazing years and dogs to chase.

Máire said...

Happy birthday Redford!

billie said...

Kyle, thank you. We are not advocating the chasing of dogs in general but in this case it was a mutual delight, I think. :)

billie said...

Maire, thank you!! I hope your healing of muscles is going well.