Monday, February 14, 2011

oh, happy days! donkeys and dust circles

It's been so wet and so mushy here for so many weeks... but finally, after some sunshine and temps above 60, with a little wind to help with drying things out, I noticed yesterday that Rafer Johnson and Redford have been able to construct not one but two dust circles in the back field!

In case I missed it, Redford followed me out the back trail with the muck barrow and rolled in one of them while I stood and watched. It amazes me how the circles are so perfect in form, and how fine and soft the dust gets after only a day or two of donkey rolling.

The perfect texture for maintaining a donkey's coat, and also creating a lovely little dust cloud that can only mean one thing: there's a donkey in full roll!

Between Salina shedding, donkey dust circles, and sunshine, we are having a lovely start to what looks like a beautiful week here on November Hill.


And over the weekend, book one in my Magical Pony School series, Jane's Transformation, was in the top 100 titles in its category on Amazon both Saturday and Sunday! It has slipped down some today but hopefully it will sell some more and climb back up. The top 100 titles tend to get more attention, so I'm hoping it hits that magic number again and eventually stays there awhile.

I appreciate any and all support from readers here in helping get the word out about this series. While I feel the same way about my adult fiction, these magical pony school novels are very special to me and I really want them to do well out in the world.

Over the next month or so I'll begin some focused marketing, which includes getting myself Skype savvy so I can make myself available to book and reading groups. Keep me in mind if you'd like your group to read a book and have the author visit via Skype for a discussion. I love to talk as much as I love to write! :)


jme said...

i love the donkey dust circles :-) our guys have not started shedding yet, but the weather is improving. i'll know it's officially spring and they are happy again when they can make their muddy wallows out there and start coming in caked in mud!

and the books sounds great. i know at that age i couldn't get my hands on enough horse-centered reading! there is a girl up the street who has a pony and 2 donkeys and it may be just the sort of thing she'd love, and i'm sure she's got friends at her riding school, etc. these things have a way of catching on once people know they're out there. i'll certainly pass the word along.

Grey Horse Matters said...

I'll be sure to order that book today for my granddaughter and j. can pass the word on to our neighbor down the street. This is very exciting, congratulations on being in the top 100 titles!

November Hill seems to be thawing out and getting ready for spring. Finally an end to this miserable winter. We got to around 45 today.

Calm, Forward, Straight said...

I'll be looking for a present for my niece soon - she's an animal, especially horse, lover. Off to Amazon :)

Folks around here were ecstatic about the weather today - I actually sat out in the sun, and it was warm. :) Hope you and the equines enjoy the beautiful week!!

billie said...

j, thanks so much. Sending a big hug your way for other reasons too... take care.

billie said...

Arlene, so glad you are getting some relief temp-wise, and thank you SO MUCH for your support with all the books. Jane's Transformation is now at 23 in its category! I so appreciate the support.

billie said...

c, thank you!

I have tried to capture some of the magic of being a true partner to our equines in these books. Let's just say it's my little attempt at eradicating rollkur from the early ages. :)

ponymaid said...

billie, truly, you have the blessing of dust in your paddocks already? I can just picture the lads, using typical donkey geometry to ensure the circles are perfect. You really do live in another world. I am harassing Herself to get on with letting me do the book review...

billie said...

Sheaffer, it's true - dust circles. And there is a report that we might hit 80 degrees tomorrow. Unbelievable!