Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Tuesday's Treasures

Tonight while my son was in class, I wandered back to the free book cart to see what might be there. Thus far, there haven't been any books of interest, particularly when I am focused on clearing, not collecting. But tonight there was a treasure:

A translation of Alois Podhajsky's The White Stallions of Vienna. Although the dust cover was torn, the photos inside are perfect, and include many whole page photographs as well as photos that were hand-tipped by the printer.

I couldn't quite believe it, but here it is, in my bedroom, where I've been sitting and enjoying the many photos of the white stallions.

What a treat!

I also found my camera on my desk with two videos of a painted pony. Alas, the battery was 1 minute from dead so it has to recharge before I can even think of uploading. 

Other great scenes this week:

A red-tail hawk flying in huge circles over the barn and paddock and then the back field.

A very naughty Corgi with husband's on-call smart phone in his mouth, running in circles in the back yard. (with a very annoyed husband chasing him)

A determined Salina with ears pinned backing her butt down the barn aisle to let Cody and the pony know they were not to come through. (always fun to see a near-1200 lb. QH spin and leave the scene when that big black mare is telling him to move it! not to mention the pony assessing whether or not he has room and time to dash past her without getting nailed - he didn't, today)

I read today that we could have 80 degrees here by week's end. Here come the flies! And I don't even care. I'll wait 'til July to complain about that!


Shinyfluff said...

are you serious! Podhajsky!!! woah that is amazing. I am into old books (and everything) also so....wow. great find.
the corgi with the phone made me giggle heeheee

Grey Horse Matters said...

Great find on the book, I'm jealous. I love old books and that one is a treasure.

Corgi antics, he's so cute. It would have made a great video too.

Those mares are very formidable, I'd have turned around in a hurry too.

Are you kidding me 80's?!!! We might get 60 I heard but I've not got great faith in weather reports this winter, so we'll wait and see. It was 24 yesterday and 9 last night.

Calm, Forward, Straight said...

That is so cool about your book find! Love the images of naughty corgis and imperious mares :)

Looking forward to the weather on our end too - not calling for quite as warm, but I will take it!

billie said...

shinyfluff, yes - totally serious. I was speechless when I saw it and realized what exactly I had in my hands.

billie said...

80s, Arlene. I can't believe it. (although it hasn't happened yet, but... for it even to be in the forecast is incredible)

billie said...

The horses moved to the front today and they are so excited - marching all over the front field, finding tidbits of green and nibbling their hay. It's a lovely day for them.