Thursday, July 22, 2010

the very best thing about July is...

celebrating Rafer Johnson's birthday!!

Rafer Johnson, miniature donkey extraordinaire, is 3 years old!  We have postponed his party until this heat wave breaks, when I will hopefully have the camera back in my hands, when party treats don't melt down into mush, and when Cody is over his sudden patch of hives.

But meanwhile, a very very very happy birthday to the donkey who has taught us about the best hugs in the world, about courage when a bone is broken, that a happy donkey is a fast-healing donkey, and that all those things people say about donkeys (in the vein of stubborn, etc.) are so far from true it still befuddles me where the sayings came from in the first place!

We love you, Rafer!


MitMoi said...

Happy B'day Raffer!

Maddy said...

A very happy birthday to you Rafer.
You are the BEST!

Grey Horse Matters said...

Happy Birthday Rafer! You're my favorite 3 yr. old donkey in the whole world. Hugs and kisses.

forever in blue jeans, Beth said...

I love it that you and your family celebrate ALL family-members' birthdays !! Happy Birthday, Rafer, from me and The Girls :)

Broken bone?! Rafer?!

Once you've finished your current writing projects, I think the donkeys of the world would LOVE it if you would tell THEIR story :)

Beth and Cookie,
in Virginia

billie said...

Thanks, all!

Beth, Rafer's broken leg happened before we "met" you here... my lack of labeling posts doesn't make it easy, but if you use the search box at the top of the blog, you can find the series of posts and photos about Rafer's broken leg and how we managed it.

Rafer was an incredible donkey before that happened, but I think the time we spent during his convalescence and healing made our bond that much closer. He is an old soul, and very wise and loving.

Never fear, the donkeys are already a part of my nonfiction book. (and have a cameo in my middle grade novel not to mention an entire early reader book of their own sketched out already!)

Matthew said...

Happy Birthday you wonderful sweet donkey!

ponymaid said...

Rafer is three already? Oh my, such a wise old head on such young shoulders. Long may he gently guide the flow of things in his universe.

billie said...

Sheaffer, he is an old, wise, soul.

(and neither he nor Redford are very happy with me this morning, as I was administering a highly-scented ointment to a place Redford has rubbed on his chest, and they were both steering a wide berth around me afterward!)