Friday, July 16, 2010

no drama here, just a peaceful July evening on November Hill

I actually have video! But can't find the cord for the camera, so will have to add it later.

Horses and donkeys are transitioning from back field to front, so in the evenings they go to the front for a few hours, until dinner tubs are served, and then they go to the back field for the rest of the night. The first few days of the new field they are very intent on grazing, and yesterday there were lots of equine jaws in action, along with tails swishing away whatever insects were out and about.

The setting sunlight made sections of gold in the front field, and periodically a horse or donkey would pass through, utterly illuminated for those moments in the light.

Sometimes I think "I should be riding" or "the back field needs harrowing asap!" But yesterday, no thought of any chore intruded, and even the idea of riding was an intrusion into the moment. The horses and donkeys were doing their own work, grazing and sampling, walking and swishing, enjoying a new patch of ground, and keeping track of all the herd members as they reclaimed the front field.

My job was to stand there and share the moment. Rafer Johnson made sure I knew I was wanted. You'll see, when I find that cord!


Grey Horse Matters said...

Sounds idyllic. I'll be waiting for the video.

Máire said...

I like that. I look forward to the video.

By the way, I tried twice to leave a comment on your last post, some rather impassioned, indignant words, but both times gremlins swallowed them. So maybe I was not meant to add to the wave of indignation flying through the ether.

billie said...

Arlene, I still haven't found the cord. Need to stop promising things and not delivering! Daughter has sort of declined my offer to be videotaped with pony, and now I have footage that I can't upload. Foiled all around.

billie said...

Maire, my husband had the same problem - I think it was a window where comments weren't working, as he went back the next day and his comment worked. Please let me know if you have any more trouble.

Máire said...

I meant to add - I don't agree with these public demos of 'fix my horse'.

billie said...

Agreed, Maire - I was thinking, the last thing Catwalk needs right now is a man he doesn't know facing off with him in an arena surrounded by people and cameras.