Wednesday, July 07, 2010


Yesterday I put three things on my docket for the day. Three things *I* wanted to do, not three things that need to be done. (although I feel that all three of these do in fact need to be done - for my own sanity and peace of mind, body, and spirit).

What I always forget is the power of synergy that happens. I did my Pilates yesterday morning. I worked up a sweat and it felt good to be working my core muscles. But even more, after putting my mat away I had extra energy and when I came back in from barn chores, instead of feeling I needed a break, I couldn't wait to get to the next good thing: my hour of writing.

I did a few household chores, ate lunch, and then indulged in an hour of editing, which is what my writing time is devoted to right now.

By the time I finished the hour I was so energized I jumped right into my household chores again, and got a HUGE amount done in a very short, cheerful time.

After dinner, I waited for the magic moment when the biting flies leave and the heat starts to fade. Keil Bay was not very amused with my bridling him just before his dinner tub, but he put up with the bareback ride (short, and just some big walking, halting, backing) until I asked him to stand by the barrel so I could dismount. (not my usual way of dismounting but I decided to do it that way last night)

The Big Bay was grumpy. It was dark, there were still a few insects about, and it was dinner time. And now I was asking him to do something we have never done before, and although it wasn't a hard thing, and he was perfectly capable of doing it, he bobbed his head. I wanted him to do what I was asking, He didn't want to. We had a little conversation, during which I decided I could push things and possibly have to deal with riding it out bareback, or I could get off and do some work in hand to see if there was something wrong - sometimes when he bobs his head when I mount it means he needs the chiropractor.

I got off normally and asked Keil to walk with me around the arena. Nothing amiss, and in fact, he went into his best behavior mode. He was my shadow as I walked, turned, backed, halted, etc. He licked and chewed. He was connected.

So I'm not sure if he was just grumpy due to the timing of my ride, or if indeed he does need the chiro. I'll try again with the saddle this time so I can check it out. Interesting thing, though - after his dinner tub, instead of power-walking out to the back field, he stood at the gate to the grass paddock and waited for me to come say goodnight. That's the Keil Bay that loves his work. I suspect I just surprised him with the night-time routine.

And the synergy of doing three things that make me happy? When I woke up this morning my son asked me to come look at something. I'd moved a dresser into the dining room in hopes that he might use it to store all his craft materials, and after I went to bed last night, he did it. Each drawer is full but organized. A treat to see all those materials sorted and arranged and ready for use - but out of the way of our dining table!

So the synergy of doing a few things you love goes even further.  And now, it's time to go do my Pilates.


Grey Horse Matters said...

I'm happy to hear it all worked out for you. I find that when I do exercise I have more energy and am in a better mood. It also helps me to sleep well.

I'll bet the big bay just didn't like the time of day he was ridden. I always try to ride first thing in the morning while it's still cool. To thwart the flies/insects Dusty wears a riding mask so there's no excuses for bad behavior. Without the mask she's a little monster.

billie said...

Arlene, I hope you're right that it was just the time of day. It was not hot - it had been, but with this particular heat wave we're not having high humidity so once the sun goes down the air feels very cool. There were not many insects out - a few - but not enough or the kind that make total nuisances of themselves!

I think mostly it was that I did it right at dinnertime. If I'm going to ride him at night, I should probably feed him half his meal before and then half after, which should put his stomach at ease. :)

He infinitely prefers to be ridden in the morning, after breakfast, which I suspect was his routine for most of his life. But this time of year I'd have to feed him before dawn to get the ride in before the big biting flies come out. I'm not talking flies around the face, but the big monsters that land on the rump and leave a handful of blood if you get lucky enough to smack them dead. :/

This time of year it's just hard to get a good compromise. Cody and the Little Man actually love riding at night, which makes it easier to keep them going through this hot season. The King ... not so easily. Although if I had an indoor with lights, he'd probably be fine. When he gets his big coffee can photo deal with T. Joe's maybe he'll build one for us. :)