Saturday, July 03, 2010

an important note for July 4th

If you plan to use fireworks at home, before you do, please consider how the loud noise and flashing light will affect the animals - those that live with you, those that live around you, domestic, and wild.

Those of us with horses particularly appreciate the consideration.

CLICK HERE for more info on fireworks and the effects on animals.


Grey Horse Matters said...

You should have heard it around here last night. The fireworks were so loud and non-stop we had to check on the horses a few times. They seemed to be okay though. Thank god they ran out of steam around 10:00, but they're probably saving the rest for tonight. Jerks.

jme said...

so true! our neighbors were shooting off fireworks last night and the horse were not happy about it. i was supposed to go to a bbq, but i have elected to stay home tonight and keep an eye on my horses... hope you all enjoy a peaceful and safe evening!

Janet Roper said...

Thanks for posting the link, billie. Emmie is hiding, Max is barking, will be glad when tonight is over.

billie said...

Maybe all my neighbors read my blog - and/or Facebook! We fed an hour early to make sure equines got their tubs before the chaos started, and then got chairs set out. There were maybe 20 minutes of sporadic very low key fireworks - no shooting to the sky ones, none of the sizzling screamers. Keil Bay led the herd on a trotting expedition but for the most part they remained calm. It's now nearly 11 and there hasn't been any more activity since at least 10, so ... wow. I am grateful for the way it turned out thus far.

Hope all are having quiet nights and if the fireworks are going off, I hope your animals stay safe and have as least upset as is possible.