Friday, April 30, 2010

the last birthday celebration for awhile

I'm officially the mother of two teens - and this birthday wraps up a month that resembles a domino run of celebrations. 

I'm a big fan of simple breakfasts, but today I'm making pumpkin pancakes and this weekend the celebration includes a mile-long ziplining through the forest adventure as well as a trip to a tiger rescue.

And of course there will be a nice meal that ends with cake and ice cream and candles.

Otherwise we have had several cool days and frost advisories at night - but are moving into a much warmer weekend with a high near 90 and some possible thunderstorms. We need some rain, although it will be best if it waits 'til Sunday as I noticed yesterday that the local hay fields were being cut. No rain until the hay is baled and stored, please!

The grass is growing, the garden is growing, and buttercup patrol is in full swing. I'm back to the front field for the second round of mowing those things down. Usually three times and they don't come back that season.

No need for chemicals and we sort of enjoy the brilliant yellow until it's gone.

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