Wednesday, April 28, 2010

he prowled, he growled, he yowled... and now she's home

My daughter's cat Mystic had a rough weekend with her off on a photographic expedition with her dad.

The first day he prowled the house and yard, as if he were searching for her, or waiting for her, returning to her room periodically, where he sleeps (we call it his lair!) and then coming out again to renew the prowling.

The second day he was grumpy, seeking attention from me but then growling in a low rumble when I picked him up for a cuddle.

The third day he was roaming the house aimlessly, yowling. Fortunately he didn't have to go to the next level of distress, because she came home! My son had Mystic in his arms at the door when she walked in.

She took him, snuggled him, and he was back to his usual Mystical Kit self, playing and stalking and trying hard to be a Cowboy out at the barn. (thwarted only by the presence of the REAL cowboy, Dickens E. Wickens, who has that whole desperado thing going and doesn't want the company!)

I have never seen a cat so attached to one person, but it seems this type of cat tends to that, and he definitely is.


Grey Horse Matters said...

He's beautiful and I'm so glad he's back to normal. It is amazing how animals can get so attached to us. I love the kitties names.

ponymaid said...

Billie, cats do not like to be thwarted in their desires. I speak from experience and some light taps the nose. I'm relieved to hear the duo is happily reunited.

jme said...

that's so sweet :-) i never really think of cats as the bonding type, but i guess they can!

my dog molly has been with me for about 17 years and comes everywhere with me, so if i leave her for even a few minutes she gets upset - i always feel so guilty!

billie said...

Arlene, we have about 5 names per cat, which drives my mom nuts. She never knows who we're talking about and constantly asks "is that a new cat?"


billie said...

Sheaffer, cats are demanding creatures, aren't they?

I was relieved when daughter returned and Mystic settled down. I had visions of him taking off to find her!

billie said...

j, I don't think I've seen a cat act this extremely before. Someone told me this breed of cat is particularly loyal and protective of their "people."

I love that you have the kind of life where you can take Molly with you everywhere!!

jme said...

well she is my sidekick! and i'm very lucky i can take her to work with me - she's become the office mascot :-)

billie said...

That's how it should be with dogs - they're such pack/companion animals. We have been hauling Kyra around with us on the occasions no one will be here with her.