Thursday, January 28, 2010

this is what happens when women take better care of their horses than they do themselves!

I talked with Patsy yesterday afternoon and received my kinesiology test results. Whoa! I am a wreck compared with my horses! I did not write it all down, but here's what I remember:

yeast overgrowth
thick blood
low bile
low sulphur
low seratonin
low digestive enzymes
low EFAs

tailbone out and spine needs adjustment in 3 places

The interesting thing is that I told Patsy nothing of my medical history, and nothing at all about my back injury in July. Nor did I tell her that I have been having a few twinges in lower back the past month or so and already suspected I need to head back to the chiro. I had my gall bladder out years back and the low bile makes a lot of sense. The constitutional remedy I am most often prescribed by my homeopath is sulphur. I generally need to take it a couple of times a year. And it's nearing that time.

Even more intriguing is that my profile is very close to what Keil Bay's was, and for everything we shared, we tested for the same supplement to correct it.

And, probably the most amazing thing of all - the cost. For all the supplements needed to address the above, in a 7-week program, the total was $81. which included FAST shipping.

Salina was waiting for me at the gate yesterday afternoon, ready to do her walking in hand. This morning she was out back with the boys bucking and trotting like a wild woman. We're nearing 60 degrees today and she seems to be feeling like a million dollars.

Thanks, Patsy! I continue to be extremely impressed with your work.


Grey Horse Matters said...

Wow, that's a good analysis of problems to be corrected. I find it interesting that you and the big bay have nearly the same conditions. I'm sure you'll be feeling much better in no time and go to the chiro for your spine.

Salina sounds like she is loving her 'work', I'm happy for her that she wants to do more. In reality the light exercise is probably making her feel better physically and mentally.
Go Salina!

Jenn said...

What test determines thick blood? Just curious how they test for that!

billie said...

I'm just thrilled that Salina is now able to move well enough to even DO the walking. She was so stiff and sore before we started her herbal program. With the abscess healed and the liver issue resolving, she is looking very good again.

I'm eager to start my program!

billie said...

Jenn, Patsy uses kinesiology to get all the results. If you do a google search, you'll pull up all kinds of information, both for and against this method.

And as an added note, just to be clear: I'm not trying to convince anyone to do this. However, I have NOT been well-served over the course of my life by western medicine, so I've explored alternatives since I was in my 20s, when a very bizarre rash and itchy swelling on/in my fingers became so bad I couldn't hold a pen.

About 8 different specialists at Duke Medical Center tried to sort it out and finally admitted they had no clue what was going on. I was biopsied, given various drugs, to which I reacted badly, and finally, in desperation, I went to a psychic.

She explained to me why it was happening (had to do with a past life issue - I know... woowoo, woowoo) and it disappeared within two days and has never returned.

Homeopathy works very well for me, and for the most part that's the treatment I use for most issues.

Because my horses have done so well with Patsy's recommendations, and because I've read so many anecdotes of people who have used her for horses, dogs, and themselves, with an overwhelmingly positive result, I decided it was time for me to do it too.

Will let you know how this program works. I should be on it by Monday.

jme said...

that sounds great! hope it helps :-) i may have to bother you for her contact info so i can try it out for myself. i'm not giving up completely on western medicine for the big stuff, but i'm definitely looking for better natural approaches for maintenance of good health and prevention. seems to be working better for the horses as well.

billie said...

Things like broken bones, stitching of wounds, necessary surgery - I'm fine with those, although not always content with the hospital care that goes along with those things... and completely unimpressed by the tendency to over-intervene that seems to plague the training of our doctors.

And the opposite that sometimes happen when the insurance companies get their hands too deep in the medical treatment pie - under-intervening due to costs.

Not my intention to discuss that here!

My philosophy is that each of us has to find what works well for us, and it's our personal choice! :)

I do wish insurance would cover the alternatives more than it does, though, particularly when they are so cost-effective and prevent much bigger medical bills down the road.

Michelle said...

So true about the insurance coverage. Sigh. Story for another post though.
Anyway, you have me sold. I wrote down Patsy's information the last time you talked about her and I have yet to give her a call. I think I'm going to do it today though. Grady needs an intervention in a big way and nothing I've done has provided lasting relief. I need to get this under control before the hard core allergy season kicks in!

billie said...

Michelle, she is running 4-6 weeks behind at the moment, but as I said, once you talk to her and get the results, she ships anything you choose to buy from her VERY fast.

Some items you may already have, and she is never pushy about trying to get you to buy directly from her.

I'm getting ready to send Kyra's sample and then Rafer Johnson will get his turn.

Someone asked me on the UDBB this morning (where the very long thread is for a group of us who have shared results on this) if I had taken a lot of antibiotics at some point in my life.

I hadn't thought about it but I have a small bladder and was plagued with bladder infections and UTIs as a young child, and then between 16-26 I had multiple hospitalizations due to severe kidney infections and stones. Since age 26, I've only taken antibiotics once, but I definitely got more than my share as a child/teen/young adult. It's probably not surprised there is a yeast overgrowth.