Tuesday, January 26, 2010

go well, Blue Hors Matine

Sadly, she was put down due to a broken leg at the young age of 13. The statement of her death said:

It is with great sadness that Blue Hors today have had to say goodbye to their wonderful mare, and she was undoubtedly a novelty that will touch people and horses dressage enthusiasts the world over.

I hope that the use of the word novelty is a translation issue and not how she was viewed, but I also know that many horse breeders, riders, and trainers view these animals as livestock, and not as sentient beings.

For a very different take on the death of a horse, GO HERE and read what the Purple Pony has to say.


Grey Horse Matters said...

I just read the story at the Purple Pony and was moved, thank you for the link.

Blue Hors Matinee was a special and very talented horse who seemed to like her job. I'm sure they are missing her and her unborn foal, how could they not. But if they did in fact think she was a novelty, mores the pity for them. I know many people do view these horses as either a ticket to fame or money or both. Perhaps someday love for these animals will override the baser instincts of people and they will see and treat them as the very unique and special souls they are.

billie said...

Apparently she was not in foal - that seems to have been an error in translation. What I've read elsewhere is that they were getting ready to try and breed her, so instead of being 'in foal' she was at the start of her breeding career.

I do hope she had people who loved her. It sounded like she had not experienced much turn-out time during her life and perhaps was thus not used to being more careful in the snowy/icy footing that was there this week.

jme said...

poor girl :-( i hope things were just lost in translation. it would be nice to think that she was as appreciated by her caregivers as much as she was by her fans. with all of the horses destroyed by competition these days, maybe there is some small comfort that, at the end, at least she wasn't a victim of that...

billie said...

There was a photo somewhere that showed her with a turn-out buddy in the snow. I'm glad she had the opportunity to have that before the accident.