Tuesday, January 12, 2010

rasslin' redheads

Thanks to my diligent (and red-headed) photographer daughter, there is photo-evidence of the wildness that ensued this afternoon on November Hill. It all began when Cody was stalked by the "red devil" - otherwise known as Redford:

Okay, you little squirt!

Facing off for round 1:


You can't catch me!

Wanna bet?

First I'll do my Rod Stewart imitation:

Then I'll try out my teeth:

Mirror images:

Now let's go the other way:

Get along, there!

Now, just one minute, you little donkey!

I happen to be BIGGER THAN YOU!

And I can pin you down!

Ummm, wait a minute...

Let me up, Redford...

Really, I mean it, cut that out!

Whew! A break to lick and chew:

But we're not done yet!

I've still got one trick up my sleeve. You'll bow down to me yet, you big red horse!

Na na na NAH na. Can't get me NOW!


ponymaid said...

Billie, the hijinks are highly reminiscent of the Doc/TJ rasslin matches. Redford has a glint of pure devilry in his big brown orbs - he has no idea he's a mere dot next to the horses. Rafer and Salina have assumed the position I usually adopt - spectators with a food supply. By the way, Salina is looking quite grand these days.

Grey Horse Matters said...

Oh, they're so funny. Glad they figured it out after a while. Never a dull moment with these guys, but that's what makes having them so much fun.

jme said...

great photos! your daughter is quite a photographer to catch such great action :-) what fun! that redford is one tough customer. i especially love the shot of them on their knees. i love to see the 'horseplay' equids engage in, and i think your guys would fit right in with our herd of cheeky monkeys :-)

the7msn said...

Love it! Remind me how old Cody is? I'm guessing he's younger than Hank and Lyle ... they never play like that with George or Alan.

billie said...

Sheaffer, I am a little bit terrified to think that Redford's spunk and devilry is reminiscent of TJ! But you're right - he definitely has a similar spunk to him. Rafer was watching the whole thing like someone sitting at a movie with a bag of popcorn - and a little bit of disdain at such carryings-on.

I'm glad you noticed Salina - she is looking grand and feeling good, which makes us all very happy.

billie said...

Arlene, not long after the rasslin' match, Rafer Johnson had a bucking fit in the back field which quickly turned into donkey races. Unfortunately the camera was still plugged into my computer from the rasslin'!

We need a full-time film crew around here.

billie said...

j, them on their knees is hilarious mostly b/c it doesn't give either one of them any edge - Cody still can't reach under Redford and Redford doesn't need to get any lower to get to Cody's tender belly!

I'm not sure why Redford is so drawn to Cody as an alternate playmate - maybe just that Cody will play back this way. Keil and Apache usually pair up for this kind of thing, and Cody and Apache.

Keil and Cody are more grooming/grazing buddies than play buddies.

I am positive if we put our two herds together there would be plenty of monkeyshines to capture on film. Especially if we did it in your huge gorgeous pasture where they could run full out! We'd probably both be holding our breaths though the entire time! LOL.

billie said...

Linda, Cody is 6 - he is still a baby, really, himself, though he's looking a lot hunkier and more grown up in these photos than I realized!

Sometimes he and the pony scare me to death - they rear and strike and kick out. Cody definitely toned it down for the "little guy."

Michelle said...

This is the cutest thing I've ever seen! I love how cute they are together.

billie said...

Michelle, it's fun to watch. Rafer Johnson spent his first night here with Cody, as Salina was so intense (think mama bear to her baby, but she was so much bigger than Rafer I worried she would overwhelm him) and Cody was very comfortable with Rafer w/o being too "touchy-feely" about it.

Keil Bay and the pony, otoh, thought Rafer Johnson had landed here from another planet. They were hilarious the first day.

I'm not sure if that's why, but Cody does seem to have a different kind of relationship with the donkeys than Keil or Apache do. They all get along wonderfully, but Cody is more of a buddy to them.

But all that said, Rafer was never into this intense play with Cody that Redford is into! Rafer has always been a very serious minded fellow, and Redford is a little spitfire!

I'm happy Redford has someone he can play with other than Rafer - the two donkeys have a blast together but Rafer is ready to stop before Redford is - so Redford has the bigger back-up buddy to get out the rest of that energy.

TheHorsesAdvocate@EthicalHorsemanship said...

Absolutely wonderfully captured antics - great job in documenting some real interactive behaviour in series. An awesome piece of camerawork!

billie said...

Thanks - will pass the compliment on to my daughter, who is VERY good at getting the action shots around here.