Saturday, January 02, 2010

donkeys gone wild, part ... what number are we on now?

We are having the first few days of a long cold week here on November Hill. It was frigid today (for us) and the forecast for the wee hours coming up are 2 degrees with wind chill factor!

Needless to say, horses were in blankets today and spent much of their time quietly munching hay and standing with blanketed butts to the wind. Salina was happy to get her whinny warmers on this morning - keep those knees toasty.

My husband informed me when we were out getting the barn set up for the evening that two young donkeys have been UNBUCKLING Salina's blanket with their teeth! And they have actually managed to get one of her buckles undone. I know Redford is not fond of the blankets, which I think seem big and scary to him when they're going on and off the horses.

Right now they're all closed up in the barn with blankets off for a few hours. I like to give them some time each day w/o the blankets - so we can check everyone over, and so they can lay down and sleep if they want to w/o any constraint.

When they get dinner tubs blankets will go back on and they'll have access to paddocks again. I think tonight and tomorrow will be the worst of the cold week - keeping fingers crossed this is the worst week of this winter.

Stay warm, everyone.


Grey Horse Matters said...

I'm surprised it's so cold there. We're kind of freezing too and the wind is supposed to kick in at about 60mph tonight. We've had lots of snow the last few days and haven't really been able to go anywhere. I hope this is the worst of it, but I doubt it.

The donkeys are very talented to be able to unbuckle the blankets. You should be so proud of them.

billie said...

Stay warm, Arlene - hopefully we'll get to the other side of this cold spell soon.

ponymaid said...

Billie, would you like to swap cold spells? Please say yes...Minus 25 here today with a knife-like wind sweeping down from the arctic. Jack and I are inside with Sally. Good for the nephews, hehheh - we donkeys hate apparel (except for Jack, who loves his plaid sports coat)and we especially like working on things with buckles or other fasteners.

billie said...

Sheaffer, you have put things nicely in perspective for me. I think we'll keep our cold spell and bow down to it in gratitude that it is not what YOURS is! Good grief! I am glad The Woman has you inside typing away instead of outside blowing away!

Michelle said...

Brrrr!!!! I'm not even going to complain about our "cold" snap! I hope all you chilly Northerners stay warm and toasty and get a cuddle from your nearest furry bud.

billie said...

I can't complain TOO much since reading about Sheaffer's chill factor! Everyone stay warm!