Tuesday, January 26, 2010

one of those manifesting days

I can't remember the first thing that manifested today, but it kept happening and by dinnertime I had to laugh at how fun it is when things flow this way.

Some examples:

I wondered about a check that was in limbo. Got a message on my cellphone that the check is now in the mail.

I decided that Salina is going back into work. Not under saddle, but some serious walking in hand and maybe some trot when we see how the walking goes. I proceeded to forget about it, and was standing in the barn aisle wondering what it was I'd forgotten to do when I noticed Salina leave her hay and walk to the arena gate, where she stopped and stood, looking into the arena. Got her halter and lead rope on and off we went. She was incredibly focused and fussed at the donkeys when they got in our way!

Noticed that our weather forecast now has snow in the picture and a low in the teens by Sunday night. Thought to self: need to remind husband so he can get firewood ready. Gas truck arrives at that moment and fills the tank.

Was getting ready to walk the heavy muck-barrow down the back path and thought - where are my kids when I need them?! Son appeared and took the wheelbarrow from me.

Walking through the woodland path, which now has two connecting paths that make it so much more interesting. Was thinking "I need a circle somewhere in here." Then I found two vines that had wound themselves perfectly together. It was about 12 feet long. I picked it up and whirled it and then let go. It landed in a perfect circle, perched on top of some brush so that it almost seemed like it's floating in the air.

Standing in the front field watching Keil Bay and the pony playing. Remembered a fall morning soon after we moved here, when the two of them galloped up the hill and Keil Bay jumped a log between two trees. I walked over to the two trees, thinking "I need to put a log here again." Moments later Keil Bay galloped through the two trees and leaped over... nothing!

There were so many of these moments today I couldn't keep track of them. But here's the really funny one:

I was complaining that I needed help with chores. In full Mom mode. Saying maybe I needed to advertise for barn help in exchange for riding. (my kids both know that is so unlikely to happen it's virtually meaningless, but sometimes it gets them moving)

Come in to read email and there is one asking if we are interested in an exchange student.

X is cheerful, positive, spontaneous and open to new challenges. One of X's greatest passions is riding. She has always had horses in her life and has ridden for over 11 years. X also enjoys writing and writes about her day to day activities. She loves animals, especially, horses, cats and dogs.

That one raised my eyebrows a bit.

When we put it out there clearly, we get quick results.


Grey Horse Matters said...

Wow, that's a little bit odd. You seems to have some real psychic abilities at work. The e-mail was the topper to the day!

billie said...

I think it's the other way around - think it, manifest it! :)

horseadventures said...

What an amazing day! I'm glad you shared this - the exchange student - the wheel barrow. You must have been putting it out there just right to have such a day! :)

billie said...

When I read the ad for the student, I was thinking - wow, she could help with chores, ride, AND write my blog for me! :)

Michelle said...

Wow, that's some pretty powerful stuff going on there! I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong, but I can't seem to manifest things quite like that...

billie said...

Michelle, you're probably doing nothing wrong - try not doing anything at all!

I think when we get clear and centered, it starts, and if we then just sort of reach out and open to the synchronicity, it rolls out like a long ribbon ahead of us. The feeling of wonder over each little manifestation seems to feed the next one.