Wednesday, January 07, 2009

yesterday was so chaotic I thought it was monday!

It was Tuesday.

Today it's raining, still more, and the wind has blown in. I'm glad for the wind's help in drying things out as the rain clouds leave, but with the ground so saturated, I'm worrying about big trees coming down.

It looks like we'll have some sunshine by tomorrow morning, and hopefully on through the week.

It feels impossible that today is Wednesday, like time has gone out of whack completely.
The funny thing is, there are calendars everywhere here and I still don't know what day it is!

I'll try to add some photos later in the day.


Grey Horse Matters said...

At this point I'll take the rain, not the freezing kind we have here though. I wouldn't even care if it was snowing but this ice has got to stop.
I wouldn't worry about the trees, they've been there longer than you have and will probably be there long after you're gone.

billie said...

It's all relative, isn't it?

I do worry about the trees - we have lost two in the few years we've been here, huge ones.

One came down over a fence line, the other over a power line that was live in the front field.

So far today I think there have been about a hundred big old trees downed in the bigger local area due to these winds.

I have no desire for ice either - one reason I doubt I would ever move up north - my hat is off to folks who have horses in the more extreme weather zones, both colder and hotter.