Friday, January 16, 2009

busy and cold, sending warmth

Yesterday was busy with kids and activities and getting ready for the cold dip last night, and today my aim is to keep horses warm and happy, and to come back in frequently to a warm spot by the woodstove and work on edits.

Right now Kyra the Corgi and Dickens the cat are sharing a dog bed by the fire, a nice image on a cold morning.

Since so many folks are having extremely cold weather right now, I'm going to keep thinking warm all day long, and hope some of that energy finds its way to anyone who needs it.


Grey Horse Matters said...

The mental picture of all the critters laying by the fire is a cozy one to be sure.
We were at -1 this morning, so we will take all the warm thoughts we can get.
Stay warm.

billie said...

Warm wishes!!

We were at 13 - up to about 18 right now.

AnnL said...

Two my cats are in their basket by the woodstove. They're no fools! I don't know what the temp is here now, but it was -10 this morning when I got up.

Stay warm!

billie said...

More warm wishes en route... :) It's hovering around 20 here and nothing is thawing at all, even with the sun.

Matthew said...

Jordan lake is starting to freeze! I bet tomorrow AM a couple of the coves are frozen over completely.