Tuesday, January 20, 2009


We're getting a lot for us, and it's quite beautiful. Thus far, the Corgis are having a blast, the cats have mostly all had sled rides courtesy of my daughter, Salina and the geldings have been out, but the donkeys are staying warm and dry in the barn.

The mystical snow kit:

Why we sometimes call the pony Tangerine Dream:

A wonderful ice picture M. took this past week:

Often enough, when we get snow it melts within the day, but this is significant enough that it will apparently be here at least until Thursday. Husband found deer tracks up to the tree by the barn this a.m. I guess at least one deer wanted to say hello. :)


Grey Horse Matters said...

Sorry to hear about the snow, we got it yesterday on and off all day. Guess if you're not used to it snow may seem a little daunting, for the horses.
Our herd was out yesterday for the first time without blankets, and had a great time rolling in the snow to get the itchies off.

billie said...

Keil Bay and Salina seem to like the snow - they've all been in it before. Cody came from Nebraska!

The donkeys are not quite sure what to make of it, but they have Salina with them, so they can stay in the barn aisle, hang out in their stall, or go through the other stall into the paddock if they like.

I am tempted to take blankets off for a few hours and let the geldings out to see if they would roll. :)

jme said...

great photos! personally, i am sick of the snow, but it never seems to get old for the animals - glad to see your critters out frolicking too!

our horses all get about 6 feet inside the gate before they are down making pony-angels, and they love to eat horsey snow-cones off the tops of the fence posts. my and my 16 yr old aussie acts like a puppy when it snows - she puts her nose into the snow and runs along like a miniature plow, and then throws the snow up in the air to snap at it. so, it makes me happy to know they're enjoying it at least ;-)

billie said...

horsey snow cones! I would love to see that!

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

All the photos posted are just stunning. My favorites are your snow kit and the ice. Oh and your house looks lovely in the snow, too.

Stay warm, Billie. Watching your beautiful, joyful critters will keep you feeling warmer all day long :)


billie said...

Thanks, Lisa. I love the ice picture as well.