Tuesday, January 13, 2009

trims on a cold gray day

B. was here trimming this morning, in the low thirties and with clouds filling the sky. Thankfully it is not raining! I fed everyone early so they could stand for trims without fretting over when breakfast might be served.

I'd planned to do the pony first, but the moment B. drove up, Rafer Johnson and Redford left their hay to come into the barn aisle with him. Rafer lined right up by the hoof stand and it was more than obvious he was ready for his trim.

Once again he stood like a little soldier and offered each hoof in turn. Redford was right beside him the whole time, trying to take B.'s hat off by the brim. Too cute. I predicted Redford might be a little hellion, mostly to set that thing in motion where you predict something and get proved wrong. And it worked. He stood very well while Rafer supervised every single stroke of the rasp. They are so enamoured of B. now we had to take them out to the hay to get them to leave him alone. :)

Salina went next. Her abscess that popped out at the coronary band last April has now grown completely out and chunked off, just as B. said would happen when he was here last visit. Initially it was a big ragged, but it wore itself smooth over the next few days, and the hoof actually thickened a bit at that area to make a buttress until the hoof grows more. It continues to amaze me how horse hooves truly do what they need to to keep the horse sound, if other things are balanced and attended to.

B. rounded it some and now it looks almost normal. Salina has had abscesses in that same hoof the past two Aprils, and that knee is the most arthritic, so I suspect there is a connection. I'll be curious to see how she does this year, on the new diet and with me balancing things as I learn how. At least I know not to do joint injections!

Keil Bay went next and once again his fronts were really good due to the touch-up at week 4. I'm feeling good about my part in making that happen.

Cody had very little growth in back this time, which is curious, so we'll watch that to see how things go this next 6 weeks.

The pony continues to be loose and relaxed in his hinds.

B. advised that we do a week or so of ointment treatment for the frogs, as it's been so wet and muddy, and we don't want thrush, but otherwise everyone is doing great.

When he drove off they were all in a procession down the hill to their hay path, and I came in to get warm!


Grey Horse Matters said...

A good day all in all. Glad to hear that Salina's hoof is doing well. Abscesses are no fun at all.
Rafer and Redford sound just like the cutest nosiest little critters.
Happy your morning went well, stay warm and cozy.

billie said...

Arlene, I think you would have enjoyed watching them investigate B's hat. :)

It has been that kind of day where the cold/damp seems to settle in to the bone, but an hour ago the sun came out just in time to give us some warmth before it sets.

Victoria Cummings said...

Your visit from the farrier sounds much more pleasant than mine. I'd trade a cold, damp barn for the windy, freezing pasture with ice chunks blowing down from the trees while he trimmed as we endured the ordeal last Friday. Now I know why so many of my neighbors retire to North Carolina!

billie said...

Victoria, it would be incredibly stressful and hard for me to hold horses for trimming out in the wind and falling ice - I don't know if I could have gone through with it!

As much as we talk about living in the mountains, I'm not sure I could do it unless we had just the right barn - it would have to have a huge center-style open area so we could do everything that needed to be done there during the cold months - and an indoor arena for riding and turn-out. Snow is beautiful but I'm not cut out for frigid weather for days/months on end.

We have a high of 29 and a low of 11 predicted for Friday - just the one day - and I'm already stressing.

Janet Roper said...

Another peaceful day at camera-obscura. Sounds as delightful as a cup of hot chocolate in -15 weather. ;-)

billie said...

Janet, that's so nice of you to say - we had an absolutely stunning sunset, and I had another encounter with the red tail, who seems to be my new totem.