Thursday, January 22, 2009

warming up and chinese fortunes

This morning it's 20 instead of 6, and going up to 49/50 by the afternoon, so more meltdown and mush, but no blankets and ice in troughs. A reasonable trade, imo.

Although if I could trade for sunshine and dry ground, I'd take that one.

I'm having a hankering to do one of my stone runes this morning, but as I'm still downstairs and my runestones are upstairs in the garret, I resorted to the Chinese Fortune Sticks which are sitting on this desk.

This red can is full of sticks that have fortunes on each one, and you're supposed to shake them half out of the can, and select the one that protrudes the furthest.

The thing about these is that they are NOTHING like the Chinese fortune cookie fortunes. These are rather brutal and often say things one doesn't want to hear.

My question was simply: what can I expect for today?

The answer:

A long delayed package of value will come to you.

Well. That's a relief!

I'm expecting a new box of Adequan for Salina. A couple of special writing notebooks for the upcoming retreat. Neither of which have been long-delayed.

We'll see what happens.

If anyone has questions and dares consult the brutal sticks, ask it in the comments and I'll shake one out and type it in for you.


Grey Horse Matters said...

Good to hear you're warming up, we are too. For a few days anyway.
The Chinese sticks sound interesting, but it's hard to think of a good question. I'll simply ask the same as you did, except with a slight difference; what can I expect for tomorrow.
I'll check back later when I get home.

billie said...

Interesting answer:

Changes every seven year will occur to you.

ponymaid said...

Billie, my question for the sticks is- when will the current ice age end? May, June, never?

Yrs in ice,

billie said...

Okay, Sheaffer, the brutal sticks said:

You will soon meet with ingratitude.

I can only imagine your response!

Grey Horse Matters said...

That was an interesting answer, now I'll have to try and figure out what it means. I'll wait for tomorrow and see what it brings.

ponymaid said...

Billie, oh no! I can only imagine that means we will have snow on the ground in July. My last hope for an early spring has died of exposure in a snowbank. I'm off to re-read "Being and Nothingness".

billie said...

I'm just relieved neither of you got a truly terrible fortune!

Sheaffer, if you end up with snow in July come on down. We won't have snow but I can promise you some flies. :)

Matthew said...

The long delayed package of value? Dinner plates, perhaps?

billie said...

Oh, that must have been it.

I did receive a package this morning from FedEx of two blank notebooks (special ones that I wanted especially) in which I plan to finally finish the magical pony novel next week.

One could surmise the value is implied and will come in the near future. :)

Ethereal Highway said...

Hi, Billie! Cool post. I'm late to this one, but I hope I'm not too late to ask a question.

Will I be able to achieve the goals I recently wrote down in the timeframe I specified?

I'm having a bad time, but I am still not giving up on good goals for myself. No matter what the answer on the timeframe, I'll come tell you about it whenever I achieve one of them, okay? One of them is something I can achieve (or not) everyday, but the others are more definitive and concrete and really worthy of announcement when realized. They're also slightly ambitious considering my circumstances, but I mean to achieve them anyway.


billie said...

L, the stick that came out said:

You will suffer through extravagance.