Tuesday, October 21, 2008

technical difficulties!!

I tried last night late and again this afternoon to get some photos uploaded - but we're having internet issues over here, and until things are working well again, the uploading is out.

We learned last night after doing radiographs yesterday morning that Rafer Johnson's puffy fetlock is due to a hairline sesamoid fracture. :/

Apparently this can happen with full casts, and sadly it has happened to Rafer. The bottom line is that he had to have the full cast initially, so even had we known this was a possibility, there weren't really other alternatives. And the good news is that they assume it will fuse on its own. But he will need to stay in closer confinement for now. Thank goodness, he has Redford with him!

Next thing on Rafer's schedule is Oct. 28th when they will take the cast off, bi-valve it, and put it back. That way we can take it on and off to check for sores, let the leg "breathe," etc.

He's getting a homeopathic remedy and a bit of Banamine last night for discomfort. The swelling is again better today and he is moving more normally. Interestingly, Salina has stayed up at the barn, keeping an eye on BOTH donkeys. :)

Send some healing light his way. Photos when I can get them up.


the7msn said...

I'm confident that Redford will help make lemonade out of Rafer's setback. Nothing like a little stall time together to establish the bond. I'm not surprised Salina is keeping an eye on both of them...if I had the time, I'd watch two donkeys all day, too!

Victoria Cummings said...

Poor little guy! I'm sending good vibes to Rafer for a successful fusing. It's great that Salina has come back to take care of her little boy and that Redford is there to hang out donkey style. How are you doing? You must be exhausted - these animal injuries are so stressful.

billie said...

LOL - she is taking it well that she is separate from the donkeys, which surprises me. But I think the cycle is still going on - she just got sidetracked this morning because we had the trimmer here and I kept the horses in the paddock until he was done.

Redford is absolutely making things easier. He is so respectful and easygoing. Nothing rattles him, and Rafer watches him constantly.

Apparently, the best donkey TV is... another donkey! :)

I was so frustrated last night when we spoke to the vet, but having the trimmer set for today pushed me onward. He taught me and left diagrams and a rasp so I can finally do my first "trim" - okay, it's mainly a touch-up halfway between now and his return in 6 weeks - but I'm about half psyched and half terrified, which is a good mix to keep my mind off hairline fractures!

billie said...

Thanks, Victoria! I am a mess when I try to make sense of any of this, but when I just sit in the barnyard and hang out with the donkeys, most of the stress slips away.

Admittedly, it feels like a convalescent center around here right now. And I'm a bit paranoid. Cody was galloping around last week and when I found him in the barn aisle with his hind leg hiked up I felt my heart leap.

Keil Bay was playing with the pony tonight and I freaked and went out there to settle them down.

I'm due for a massage and I truly need it.

Janet Roper said...

Sending you and the critters healing vibes & peace. Hope you enjoy your massage!
Janet & Shiloh

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Oh no! I'm so sorry. Poor Rafer!! Will this be a set back for him in getting the cast off next month? Or does the vet think it will heal right along with the rest of his leg?

How is Rafer enjoying little Redford?

Sure thing! The brightest, most powerful healing light is being sent into Rafer's direction as I type!

And a little healing light for you, too. :)


billie said...

Thanks, Lisa!

Prsumably this will heal much more quickly, and it isn't something they would cast anyway, so he can stay on his regular schedule. I suspect he will have to have completely fused sesamoid and leg to go back to regular turn-out, and also be putting weight on the foot normally.

Right now he is careful with it - he does put weight on, and it's clear as he needs to rest it, he does. Monday he was occasionally using only 3 legs - that seemed to be the most painful day. Yesterday he was back to weighting it, but not as heavily.

Redford is absolutely keeping Rafer's mind off his foot. :) Rafer is busy now settling some ground rules. He gets to approach his people first, he gets to come in the feed room with me to prepare the tubs, etc. Redford is perfectly happy to follow these guidelines. :)

Last night I was feeding dinner, and the donkeys had finished. Rafer walked to the barn door and stared out into the darkness, listening and watching, as though he was the guardian of the barn. And then Redford walked up, looked at Rafer, and assumed the exact same position and demeanor. It was so cute.

AnnL said...

Oh, dear, I'm sorry to hear about Rafer's sesamoid fracture. It must have been very disheartening to have this happen when you were so excited about the original fracture looking so good. At least it sounds like it should heal OK on it's on.

Redford sounds so cute and is probably just the medicine that Rafer needs!

I'm sending lots of healing light your way.

billie said...

Thanks, Ann. It is possible the sesamoid fracture happened when he stood up from getting the new cast on! - apparently when the full cast is removed, there is a possibility that the weight on those little bones and weakened tendons can result in these hairline fractures. (or bigger ones, I suppose, depending on the weight of the weight of the equine)